For an 8 hp flour mill (Atta Chakki) motor, which solar systerm is best?

The 8-hp flour mill requires a giant solar system to perform. 1HP (horsepower) needs 0.746 kW of energy and overall flour mill needs a total of 6 kW of the solar system but this value is just an estimation to calculate the exact wattage of the solar panel, it is necessary to include several factors like sunshine duration, energy loss, the efficiency of solar panels, external factors such as the shadow of object and weather of the day. Additionally, the Working time of the mill should consider. So, let's calculate the size of the solar system including several factors. 


The wattage required: 6 kW (approx.)

Working hours of mill: 10 hours (8 am to 6 pm)

Average Sunshine duration: 7 hours (9 am to 4 pm)

The total energy required: The wattage required * working hours of mill.

=6kW * 10 hours

=60kWh or 60 Units of the daily requirement 

The required capacity of the Solar system = Total energy required/ Average sunshine duration 

= 60kWh/7h

= 8.57 kW solar panel is sufficient but if we include the worst condition or several factors like overheating and even including shed periods, A 10kW solar system may be profitable.

Components Need for 10 KW Solar System 

Solar PanelsA 10-kW solar system requires around 500-Watt of 20 panels and for estimation, we have Loom Solar Panel - SHARK 550 - Mono Perc, 144 Cells, Half Cut DC power solar panel, and an Outstanding cell energy conversion efficiency of 22% with hi-technology it can produce electricity also in cloudy weather. Panels weigh around 28kg and have a dimension- 2278 x 1133 x 40 mm. Solar panel price is around 25k per panel.

Inverters - It is an essential component of the solar system and the cost of Fusion 10 kW, 3 ø on grid solar inverter is around 80,000 to 85,000 rupees.

Battery - Recently two types of batteries are well-known for households and small investment business:-

  1. Lithium-ion batteries
  2. Lead-acid batteries

But Lithium batteries have more advantages over lead-acid batteries as follows:

  1. High efficiency and durability
  2. Long Life
  3. Small size and less weight

CAML 100 Ah / 48 Volt, 5 kWh Lithium Battery is suitable for a 10kW solar system, and you can expand it effortlessly according to your backup requirement. Lithium battery price in India is around 1.5 lakhs.


Loom solar provide the service of installing a solar panel at an easy EMI option and at such lower rate of interest for making your purchase easy. You can also calculate your monthly Emi to click these link:


For an 8 hp flour mill Motor, the installation expense of Loom Solar's 10 kW on-grid solar system is something about 7.5 lacks with a subsidy availability of 20% you must pay less. If you also want to install solar system, check out our engineer site visit service for more detailed information about solar system installation, according to your personal requirements.



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