3 KW off grid solar system for west bengal

Question - I live in purulia district of west Bengal where I want to install solar system for run basic load of my home like fans, lights, fridge, TV etc. In my city there is so much problem of power cut please suggest solar system according to that.

Ans. – The 3 kilowatts off grid solar system is suitable for your need and it can solve your power cut problem. This system can store excess power in battery which can be used at night or an emergency period. This system can generate 15 units per day which is sufficient to run basic loads of home except 2-ton AC.

Question – What will be the price of 3 KW off-grid solar system?

Ans. – The cost of 3 KW off-grid solar system with battery for home is Rs. 3,50,000. You can also buy it on easy EMI option. Loom Solar offer financing options to make solar system more affordable and accessible to homeowners. To know more about solar on Emi visit this https://www.loomsolar.com/blogs/collections/how-to-buy-solar-system-on-emi-without-credit-card

For, calculate your monthly Emi visit this https://loan.loomsolar.com/

Question – Can I get a solar subsidy for install 3 kw off grid solar system?

Ans. –
No, you cannot take a solar subsidy because it is only available on the “On-Grid Solar System” as well as in west Bengal there is no availability of “Net Metering” system that’s why you also cannot take subsidy on “on grid solar system” as well.

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