What is the process of installation of solar panels?
In this article we will know about the installation process of the 5 KW on grid solar system.
The first thing that is done while installing solar system is the site survey. In the site survey, first checked where the solar panel will be installed, its direction, type of structure, how much area it will need, direction of wiring, how connect the components to each other, earthing etc.  From which a customer can know that this solar system will be installed here in my house. If you are confused about the installation process, you can book the engineer site survey that is provided by loom solar Pvt. Ltd.

Which appliances run on the grid solar system?

The on-grid system works in sync with the grid, unlike inverters, there is no limitation in the grid-tied system, you can run everything off your home on the grid solar system. For example, a 1 kW on-grid system can run 5 kW power. 

What are the components of an on grid solar system?

Solar energy systems connected to the electricity grid range from small home systems on roofs to large solar power plants. They hardly use integrated battery solutions, unlike stand-alone power systems. Here are some benefits of on-grid solar power system:

1 - No need for the battery
2 - With the technology development, the inverter will be more stable and reliable.
3. The grid-connected solar system is the most cost-effective type of solar system for homeowners.
4. If you install a grid-tied solar system, it can produce power whenever you use it. If you only consume a small amount of energy, the rest will be converted into money for you by your state government.
5. It is perfectly integrated with your buildings, which can not only generate electricity, but also be part of your building.

Solar Panel Installation Process

Step 1: Type of Roof

Step 2: Shadow Free Area

Step 3: Mounting Structure

Step 4: Placement (As per space no. of rows will decide)

Step 5: Structure Assembling

Step 6: Panels Mounting

Cost of Installation

The cost of a solar installation depends on the type of installation, the equipment, and the solar panels. Usually, it's between Rs 40,000 and Rs 6,00,000. It may even go further for large installations, but it saves money over the long term because it reduces electricity bills and reduces the carbon footprint. So, before installing a solar panel on the roof, you should set a budget for the facility.



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