2KW Off Grid Solar Solution, Rajapallayam, Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu

User Solar with Confidence:-

Dr. Kanagaraj, owner of Kanaka nursing home, Virudhnagar, Tamilnadu has installed 2KW off grid solar system in residential house as well as 5kw on grid solar in his hosptial. He is glad to use solar power as he has made his house and hospital environmental friendly. 



Loom Solar 2KW Solar Panel Installations


Technical Specifications

1. Luminous 325 Watt Panel, Qty 6

2. Luminous Solar Battery 150 ah, Qty 4

3. Luminous Solar Inverter 2KW Pcu, Qty 1


Loom Solar Panel Installations


Solar Battery Bank (To generate electricity at night)

Loom Solar Battery Bank


Solar Inverter Display of Voltage and Output Current

Loom Solar Inverter Display Image




Kumavat Mukesh Manilal

Kumavat Mukesh Manilal

I want dealership.
What’s the process

yogendra prasad keshary

yogendra prasad keshary

I want to take dealership of Loom Solar at Dhanbad in Jharkhand.

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