40 Watt vs. 50 Watt Solar Panel: What's the Difference?

A Solar Panel (सोलर पैनल) is also known as a solar plate (सोलर प्लेट) which is a made of silicon cells. A normal solar panel seen on residential and commercial rooftops is typically 7 x 4 feet in size, similar to king size bed. As opposed to rooftop solar panels, there are smaller solar panels which are known as small solar panels. These solar panels can come in sizes that range from 0.93 x 1.4 feet to 1.4 x 2.2 feet, similar to a laptop or small suitcase.


Small solar panels can be used to power multiple small applications that require low power, such as home lighting systems, street light, projects, security cameras, solar fencing, and more.

40W vs. 50W Small Solar Panel : 5 Key Difference

Finding the best solar panels is never an easy task. Here are 5 differencing factors of 40W Solar Panel and 50W Solar Panel, you can find easily:

1. Size - The Same, But Color Different

size of 40W & 50W solar panel is same

The size of 40W and 50W solar panels is 3 sq. ft. (same) but the major difference is it's color. The solar cells color of the 50W Monocrystalline Solar Panel is dark black. 

2. No. of Solar Cell - The Same, But Technology Different

monocrystalline solar panel

The 40W and 50W solar panels have 36 solar cells (same) but the power of the 50W solar panel is maximum due to being made of Mono Perc technology solar cells. Mono Perc solar cell is the latest technology that generates maximum power in low light and cloudy weather.  

3. Weight  - The Same, But Maximum Power

weight is same, but power is maximum

The weight of a 40 and 50 Watt solar panel is about 3 kg (same). Both solar panels are portable that we can carry everywhere we want but the power generation of 50W solar panels is 2.51 A on load.

4.  Application - The Same, But Life Long Life

same application but life time

The purpose of buying 40W and 50W is for dc lights, mobile charging, CCTV security cameras, drone, and school projects (same), but the life and performance of 50W solar panel is the lifetime.  

5. Cost - Almost Same, But Less Awareness

Cost - Almost Same, But Less Awareness

An average cost of 40W and 50W is approx. Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 2,400 (approximate same), but people are not  aware about monocrystalline solar panels.


So, you can find more details about small solar panel here:


How to Buy?

You can buy small solar panels for home, outdoor camping, school projects, and any specific purpose, you can buy it from Loom Solar Official Website, Amazon, Flipkart, GeM and retail shops. You can book orders from your home and any other international countries, such as the USA, Dubai, Qatar, Bangladesh, South Africa, or any other countries.

buy small solar panel

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