8kW Solar System Price in India, 2023

An 8 kW system is adequate for large houses (~220 - 1,000 square yard), having an annual electricity bill worth Rs. 2,00,000 or where power cuts are frequent - 7-8 hours on an average each day. You can benefit from zero electricity bills once you install the solar system. An 8kW solar system is ideal for both residential and commercial usage - homes, offices, petrol pumps, farmhouses, schools, hotels, etc.

How many Kilowatt Solar System can be installed?

When power requirement/ electricity bill is high, a consumer needs to decide the amount of savings he needs from electricity bills. An 8kW solar system is apt in such cases.

How to Install the solar system?

You need to get all the components of an 8kW solar system for installation. You can also contact Loom Solar for installation. We provide all products and services including consultation and installation for the same. You can visit our website www.loomsolar.com for the same.

Shall we use a Battery or without Battery solar system?

Where there is a power cut for approximately 1 hour and that is too seasonal (power cut during rainy or summer season), you can do with a solar system without batteries. But in areas where the frequency of power cut is high (7-8 hours regularly), you will need to install a solar system with batteries.

How to avail Net Metering?

Installing a net meter device can take anywhere between 7-60 days with documentation. Keep watching this space for more details.

How much electricity can be generated?

An 8kW solar system can generate upto 12,000 units yearly. Your earning will depend upon the electricity units charges in your area/ region. If the tariff is Rs. 7-7.5/ unit, total earnings come to Rs.70,000 - 75,000 annually. You can achieve an ROI within 4-5 years and enjoy free electricity.

Can I avail a Solar Subsidy?

Do I need permission from the government before installing an on-grid solar system? This is the most common question in the minds of a consumer. It is optional for you either to take or not take government approval. The guideline for the same is you can install upto 80% of the sanctioned load as rooftop solar system capacity without any approval. For an off-grid system, you do not need any approval. For an on-grid system, you will need to replace your electricity meter with a solar and net meter after informing the discom.

Government Subsidy is only available for the residential sector and without a battery system. Subsidies available are 40% for a 1-3 kW, 20% for a 4-10 kW, over 10 kW there is no subsidy. Please note subsidy is not available on the latest technology or on the system based on customers’ choice.

Is EMI/ Loan available?

Yes, you can avail EMI. Here, you can find more information here:https://www.loomsolar.com/blogs/calculator/emi-loan-calculator

How much will be the total cost?

Here is a detailed cost breakup of an 8 kW Solar System:

A polycrystalline solar panel (330 W) generally costs Rs. 10,000 - Rs. 11,000 per panel. A monocrystalline solar panel (390 W) will cost Rs. 13,000 - Rs. 14,000 per panel. Bifacial solar panels (440W/ 530 W) generally costs Rs. 22,000 per panel. We recommend Bifacial solar panels as it is the latest and more efficient using 9 bus bar technology. Loom Solar’s bifacial SHARK solar panel has an efficiency of 22%.

Components Pricing (in Rs.)
1. Solar Panel
a. Polycrystalline Solar Panel (330W * 23) ₹ 2,18,500
b. Monocrystalline Solar Panel (390W * 19) ₹ 2,66,000
c. Bifacial Solar Panel (Shark 530W * 16) ₹ 3,52,000
2. Solar Inverter
String Inverter (7-10.5kW * 1) ₹ 90,000
Micro Inverter (IQ7A * 16) ₹ 1,60,000
3. Mounting Structure
RCC Panel Stand (330W to 440W) ₹ 32,000
High Rise Panel Stand (330W to 440W)
Tin Shade Panel Stand (330W to 440W)
4. Solar Wire
10 sq.mm. (2 core * 90 mtr.) ₹ 20,000
16 sq.mm.  (1 core * 90 mtr.)
4-in-1-out (DCDB * 1) ₹ 5,000
4-in-1-out (ACDB * 1)
6. Earthing Kit (3) ₹ 24,000
Lighting Arrester
Earthing Rod
7. Solar Installation ₹ 32,000
8. Net Metering ₹ 30,000
9. Civil Works ₹ 30,000


The second component is an inverter costing Rs. 10,000/ kilowatt. There are different technologies of inverters like string, micro, and hybrid inverters. For an 8 kW system, an inverter will cost around Rs.70,000- Rs.80,000 in total.

The third component - a panel stand will further add Rs. 1,500 - Rs. 2,000 per stand. For an 8 kW system, the total cost will be Rs. 30,000 - Rs. 32,000. Solar wire (both AC and DC) will cost Rs. 20,000 - Rs. 30,000.

Installation accessories will add Rs.30,000 - Rs.40,000 in this case. Net metering device and Monitoring device will cost Rs.25,000 - Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 20,000 - Rs. 25,000, respectively. The total cost for earthing kit is Rs.25,000- Rs.30,000 and the total installation cost is Rs. 35,000- Rs. 40,000. The total cost is depended on the size of your home. The total cost of an 8 kW solar system is around Rs.5 lacs.




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Pawan Singh

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kancharla subba rao

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