Rooftop Solar Schemes That May Help Homeowners

New Delhi, India: An advisory issued by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) in the beginning of 2021 brought cheers to the homeowners. The phase 2 of the scheme that reads as – Grid Connected Rooftop Solar Scheme (Phase –II) advises to offer 40% subsidy for the first 3 KW (Kilo Watts) and beyond 3 KW upto 10 KW the subsidy will be 20%. The DISCOMs or the local Electricity Distribution Companies of various states shall be implementing this.

What is a Grid Connected Rooftop Solar System?

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There are two types of Solar System installations - On Grid & Off Grid. Since this article focuses on On-Grid or Grid Connected solar system is connected with the grid through the electricity cables coming from main supplies via the energy meter or the electricity meter.  For more info on its details, merits and disadvantages you may check:

MNRE recommends 5 years maintenance of rooftop solar power plants

The DISCOMs are allowed to empanel the vendors through bidding process and certain decided rates and vendors are expected to inform about the subsidy scheme if they choose to go with On Grid or Grid connected Solar System. To know more MNRE has released a toll free number 1800-180-3333 to contact the concerned DISCOM. Alternately, homeowners planning to go for such opportunity can also check on the online portal :

What will be the cost of On Grid Solar Power System?

The cost is purely dependent upon state DISCOM’s negotiated and finalized rates with empanelled vendors which may vary from state to state.  Also the subsidy will also be dependent upon the solar power system that is chosen based on the  household requirements.


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