Perfect Solar System for Run One Cooler, One Fan and Five Bulbs?

The power consumption of electrical appliances can vary depending on their specific models and usage patterns. To estimate the size of a solar system needed to power the mentioned appliances, we'll make some assumptions based on average power ratings.

  • Cooler: Let's assume the cooler has a power rating of 150 watts (0.15 kilowatts).
  • Fan: Assuming a typical fan with a power rating of 75 watts (0.075 kilowatts).
  • Lights: Assuming each light has a power rating of 10 watts (0.01 kilowatts).

To calculate the total power consumption, we'll add up the power requirements of each device:

Cooler: 0.15 kW

Fan: 0.075 kW

Lights (5 x 0.01 kW): 0.05 kW

Total power consumption: 0.15 kW + 0.075 kW + 0.05 kW = 0.275 kW

Therefore, a solar system with a capacity of at least 0.275 kilowatts (275 watts) would be sufficient to power one cooler, one fan, and five lights.

For this, Loom Solar will recommend to you a 500-watt solar system in which you will get 3 solar panels 540 watt each, one 150 AH battery and one 1100 VA inverter. It will cost you 60,000 with installation. A 500-watt solar system is designed to give power supply of around 4 to 5 hours and it’s suitable for 1 BHK home size. You can also run basic appliances on this solar system including 1 cooler, 1 fan and 5 bulbs.

How can I buy this solar system?

You can buy 500W Solar System from hereConducting a thorough analysis and consulting with solar installation professionals can help you understand the potential savings for your specific situation.

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