Net Meter in Haryana

Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency is taking proactive measures to promote solar in the state. Haryana is one of the richest states in India strategically located near India’s capital of Delhi and cities like Gurgaon and Faridabad have benefited hugely from being part of India’s National Capital Region (NCR). Haryana mandates installation of rooftop solar on government buildings from time to time. However, Gurugram suffers from the absence of net meters which led to poor rooftop installation numbers. A strong net metering policy without lengthy clearance and approval processes could check the delays and support a healthy rooftop solar policy in the state.


Step 1: Open, type “dakshin haryana bijli vitran nigam” (DHBVN) in Google. You will see the following screen.



Step 2: You will on DHBVN website. Click on Solar Connection




Step 3: Now click on Apply




Step 4: You will be prompted to fill your personal as well as postal details.


Step 5: Documentation

You will see the Application Form. Now you will need documents like Electricity Bill, Aadhar Card, Photographs and Signature of Applicant Name. In Haryana state, the thumb rule is that the name of applicant on electricity bill and property registry should be same. Otherwise, Application may be disapproved. 


Step 6: Fill in all your details, upload the necessary documents and before you click on “Apply”, kindly make sure all the entered details are correct and up to date.


Step 7: When you will click on the Apply button, your application will be submitted and you will receive Application Number, such as F13-719-7019-9



Step 8: Your application form has been submitted. Now you have to pay Rs. 1000




Step 9: You will be automatically redirected on the ePayment website of DHBVN: Here, you will see your registration number, consumer id, subdivision number, amount and various payment methods. Just click on the “Pay Now” button.



Step 10: It takes a few minutes approximately. 1 minute, after clicking the “Pay Now” option. It then redirects on  When you have done payment Rs. 1,000, you will receive the following screenshot.



Step 11: Now, click on “Go to Home”. You will see the following screen. You can check your application status here. It takes some time to update your status. After you have applied it will show “Current Status of Application: Pending Acceptance of Application”.


Watch Net Meter Video



Information for Solar Net Metering Connection


Please read carefully before online submission



Flow chart for Installation of Rooftop Solar PV System under Net Metering Arrangement


Application Form for Rooftop Solar PV System under Net Metering (Annexure-I)


Acknowledgement of Application Form (Annexure-II)


Letter of Site Inspection (Annexure-III)


Certificate of Site Verification (Annexure-IV)


Authorisation for Net Metering Connection (Annexure-V)


Net Meter Connection Agreement (Annexure-VI)


Self-Certification Report of Applicant (Annexure-VII)


Work Completion Report for Net Metering Arrangement (Annexure-VIII)


Net Metering Connection Order (Annexure-IX)


HERC (Rooftop Solar Grid Interactive System Based on Netmetering) Regulations 2014 & Amendments (Annexure-XI)


DHBVNL Sales Circulars & Instructions (Annexure-XII)


UHBVNL Sales Circulars & Instructions (Annexure-XIII)


List of Empanelment of Firm For Supply of Net Meter (Annexure-XIV)

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While applying online we need to upload documents in this section i need proof of NoC pls share the format if you have.
Thanks in advance.

inderpal kakran

inderpal kakran

how i can get solar connection

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