Should I buy AC Motor or DC Motor?

Motors are very important equipment and a basic need of every household in our country. It has multiple uses like irrigation, regular domestic use, commercial uses, and so on. The main use of a water motor is to pump huge amounts of water using electricity and transfer it physically from one place to another. In the household, a motor is used for running the showers, sinks, taps, and other water supplying equipment smoothly and efficiently.

Motor Buying Tips

In this article, we will tell you about the different types, existing technology, ratings, the various uses, and consumption of a motor. This will help you in your buying decision.

#1. Type

water motor types

There are mainly two types of Water Motor available in the market which you can choose as per your end-use.

a. AC Motor – AC motor are cheaper in price than DC pumps although the rotation speed is very low. It has no electronic components in AC water pumps to draw high temperatures.  The power and volume of AC pumps are 5-10 times more than that of DC pumps.  An AC pump is less efficient and consumes more power.

Benefit: We can use 365 days even cloudy and rainy season

Demerit: Required grid power and pay electricity bill

b. DC Motor – DC motor ensure quality performance and are durable. It is 100% waterproof as the stator and circuit board is sealed with epoxy resin. The material used in the pump is environmentally friendly with a small size and reliable performance. Although its price is higher than the AC pumps, they save more energy, ensure no current leakage, and can be operated with a wide voltage.

Benefit: Less investment on solar panel installation

Demerit: Works only 5-6 hours successfully in sunny days. We can not run on grid power

#2. Technology

water pump technology

a. Surface Motor – Surface motor is a water lifting pump that is solid in nature and very easy to fit. Tullu is the brand name of the company manufacturing these pumps. These pumps are used in fresh cold water to supply water in food processing units, agricultural fields, and different industries. The key features of the Tullu pump are that this pump drives 1.50 H and the required power is 1400 watts. The pumps supply 230 V /50 Hz AC and provide an utmost discharge of 3500 L.P.H.

b. Submersible Pump – These pumps are highly efficient as they consume very little energy for moving the water into the pump. The main application of this pump is to lift water from a low level to a high-pressure region. These pumps are usually used in the farms for water distribution in wells, boreholes, or concrete water tanks to fulfill the water requirements. Submersible pumps have a lifespan of 8-10 years and when utilized moderately, they can last up to 15 years.

c. BLDC Water Pump – This company is an electric water pump manufacturer firm that produces brushless DC pumps with high quality and greater- efficiency. BLDC Pump Co. is located in Shenzhen, China, and exports all the products across the world.  The motors are efficient and well-equipped with a noise management system. The company uses high-quality wear-resistant shafts and advanced electronic components. Its working is smooth, highly efficient, and gives a long service. BLDC pumps are widely used in industry, household, and other sectors.

#3. Rating

water pump rating

Motors from different brands are available in the market with different power ratings. Hence, the user or the customer can choose and buy from the existing technology and the power ratings.

 Given below are certain specifications of power ratings available in the market.

  • 0.5HP, Single Phase
  • 1HP, Single Phase
  • 2HP, Single Phase
  • 3HP, Three Phase
  • 5HP, Three Phase
  • 7.5HP, Three Phase
  • 10HP, Three Phase

#4. Purpose

motor applications

A water pump can increase the pressure of water and helps it to move from one point to another. Modern water pumps come with different features that help you to supply water for industrial, agricultural, municipal, and residential uses.

a. Home - In our households, we can use pumps to draw water from the source to different areas of the house for daily use.
b. Agriculture – For irrigating the fields, sprinkling the water in the farms, drawing water from wells or bore wells and for various other activities associated with agriculture, customers can choose a water pump as an effective solution.
c. Industrial Motor – Motors are utilized in industries for different processes such as running flour mills, rice mills, machines, and many different processes.

    #5. Power Consumption

    motor rating

      An electric water motor consumes power of 3 amperes to 7 amperes depending upon the duration of usage along with the application. A water motor runs over electricity from alternate sources. As it consumes a lot of electricity on a daily basis, that hits the monthly electricity bill to a large extent. Hence, for running your electric water motor, you can use alternative sources such as solar power plants or PV modules.

      Best Water Motor (Pump) Brands in India, 2021

      One can choose motor based on the requirements of its users, the energy efficiency, and the technology. The markets offer a wide range of motors from the top manufacturers that create a conflict of choice. Here are some Best Motor Brands in Indian for 2021:

      1. Crompton - Mumbai, Maharashtra

       Crompton water motor

      Crompton Aquagold water pumps have their name for their longevity, excellent output, and durability. These pumps are well-known for their economical performance. Crompton 0.5 HP Aquagold water pumps have an output rate of 350-1500 LPM and a power rating of 0.37 kilowatts. The pumps by Crompton are built of a stainless steel shaft. Its designs and pumps are affordable and the quality is par excellence.

      2. Kirloskar - Pune, Maharashtra

      kirloskar pumps

      Kirloskar is a very popular name in the market of power generation and water pumps. Its mini water pumps are lightweight and suitable for domestic use. Kirloskar 40S mini water pump takes around 40 minutes to fill a large water tank. Its pumps are capable of withstanding voltage fluctuations ranging from 180-240 volts. The mini pumps are single-phase pumps and have an energy rating of 1 horsepower. It is very popular for domestic use because it is lightweight and has an inbuilt overheat protection feature.

      3. CRI - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

      cri pump

      CRI was established over 50 years ago and is a very popular brand today. The company has a huge sales and service network. If you buy a submersible water pump from CRI, you will get the best customer service from over 1500 service centers all over the country. The company is recognized globally in over  120 countries. Its extensive product line offers a wide range of water pumps for agricultural, residential, commercial, industrial, and solar pumps. CRI Royal 100 comes with 1.0 HP, is a self-priming pump, and has a head range up to 180 feet. At this head range, it can lift 1500 liters of water per hour. It has a brand warranty of 1 year.

      4. Lubi - Ahmedabad, Gujarat

      lubi solar

      Lubi presents smart, sustainable and sturdy pumping solutions and has experience of 50 years in the field of pumping. We offer a wide range of around 5000 different models of water pumps. Lubi ensures to provide the best quality and competitive prices to its customers. Lubi offers its services globally in more than 80 countries. They are committed to manufacturing energy-efficient products and sustainable pumping products like solar submersible and monoblock pumps.

      5. KSB - Mumbai, Maharashtra

       ksb water pump

      This Germany-based company and its perfect German engineers' team are counted for its reliability, innovation, and durability. The pumps manufactured by KSB are easily available in the Indian market with a wide product line. They have the best submersible pumps for agricultural and other needs. You can get in touch with the company directly or go online purchasing.

      6. Havells - Delhi

      havells water pump

      Havells is one of the top-selling manufacturers of water pumps in the domestic market. The company also offers a wide range of domestic circuit protection devices and products. Havells Hi-Flow series is desirable for its reliable performance and innovative technology. This 0.5 HP centrifugal water pump is well-equipped with both horizontal as well as vertical pumps. It provides the ultimate pumping solution for both domestic and industrial uses. Havells water pumps have a one-year brand warranty. The water pumps are ideal for water-lifting to the upper tank, gardening, and a variety of industrial applications.

      7. Varuna - Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

      varuna pumps

      Varuna Monoblock pumps are designed to offer the best hydraulic efficiency. Its enclosed fan-cooled system handles the situation of wide voltage fluctuation. The high operating efficiency of Varuna pumps ensures less power consumption.

      8. V-guard - Ernakulam, Kerala

      v guard

      V-guard is a leading electrical appliances manufacturer in India. It manufactures a wide range of consumer goods like electrical cables, electric fans, electric water pumps, voltage stabilizers, and motors.

      9. Texmo - Chennai, Tamil Nadu

      texmo water pump

      Texmo is one of the market leaders for submersible pumps in the domestic market. This company is known for its innovative technology, superior quality, and satisfying service. Texmo has offered a wide range of products for all your pumping needs since its establishment in 1956. Texmo pumps also come under the name Taro. The water pumps are easy to maintain and are the perfect brand you look for.

      10. Hitachi - Delhi


      Hitachi offers a large line-up of pumps for various purposes. These pumps help you to transport drinking water, sewage treatment, irrigation, rainwater drainage, and so on. Thus, it is beneficial in the field of industries, or domestic or agriculture.

      How to Choose Solar Solution for Motor?

      solar solution for motor

       As per above discussion, we know about various types of motor and motor companies in India. These pumps are utilized for farming and irrigation activities as well. Supplying of drinking water for livestock, sprinkling of water into fields, watering the crops and many other activities. Even in the commercial sector, water motors are of high utility. It is used to run flour mills, rice mills, machines, showrooms, and many more The water pumps run on electricity or another power substitute such as diesel or kerosene. This portable device has a versatile application in all areas of work. Owing to the multiple uses and applications of water pumps, there are a huge number of product lines offered by various brands in the market.  Thus, choosing the best pump that fits your needs is quite tough.

      Solar Panel Capacity = 2X of motor capacity, i.e. 2X of 7.5 HP = 14 kW

      Motor Capacity Solar System Price
      1 HP AC Submersible Pump 2kW Solar Panels ₹72,000
      2 HP AC Submersible Pump 4kW Solar Panels ₹1,44,000
      3 HP AC Submersible Pump 6kW Solar Panels ₹2,16,000
      5 HP AC Submersible Pump 10kW Solar Panels ₹3,60,000
      7.5 HP AC Submersible Pump 14kW Solar Panels ₹5,04,000
      10 HP AC Submersible Pump 20kW Solar Panels ₹7,20,000

      Important Information: This is an approximate numbers. For more information for better understanding ,You can also now enquire for solar solution.

      Visit to enquire now! Loom Solar does not provide any type of motors, we provide only solar solution for motor.


      We can conclude that water motors are essential equipment used for domestic, agricultural, commercial purposes, Flour mills, rice mills, and so on. If you are looking for an effective solution to run your motor on a regular basis without much stress on your monthly electricity bill, you can contact Loom Solar, a leading solar manufacturing company, or visit for more details.


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