How Solar Solutions are benefitting Clinics & Hospitals?

Solar is the need of the hour to reduce our dependency on the grid. With the recent Russia-Ukraine war, the insecurities of the world energy infrastructure have been exposed. Hence, it is very important to be energy-independent. In addition, there is the ever-existing problem of rising electricity bills. For any commercial establishment, like a hospital or a medical clinic, there is a requirement of power all the time which further increases demand and bill. Other problems like power cuts and weather conditions further emphasize the importance of going solar.

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Hospitals are heavy energy consumers. With a solar system not only can they reduce their electricity bills but also lower their carbon footprint. There will be many fans, light, refrigerators, and air conditioning systems as well as operating surgical and other critical medical devices  like MRI Machines, CT Scanners, and other Labs, etc. running 24*7 in a 50-bed hospital. All these can run effectively using a solar system. A typical 50-bed hospital in the U.S. annually spends $680,000 (Rs. 4.76 CR) or roughly $13,600 (Rs. 9.5L) per bed, on electricity. Of course, it will be much lower in India given our country’s cheap resources as well as less sophisticated equipment when compared to the developed nations. Indian hospitals expend a 380 kWh/ year against the benchmark of 200 kwh/ year and the energy requirement of a typical hospital will increase due to the continuous advent of technology.

How to Install Solar Panels in Clinics & Hospitals

To give you an idea, let us discuss about Loom Solar’s installation of a 10 kWh system for a medical clininc in Karnataka. Loom Solar’s solar panels have been used in the installation of a dental clinic as well as a residential unit.

Step 1: Check Power Consumption

Step 2: Solar System Selection

Step 3: Solar System Pricing

Step 4: Solar System Installation

Step 5: Run Clinics & Hospital Appliances 

For this purpose, a 10 kW solar system has been installed. Various medical appliances, as well as residential appliances, are used in this establishment and are also running efficiently. The doctor is also happy with our services and is planning to expand into a solar roof in the near future. It is a two-floor building where the ground floor is the clinic and the first floor is a residential house, and solar panels have been installed on the rooftop. In this case, three meters have been installed of 3 kW, 7 kW, and 1 kW as there is a requirement for separate meters for commercial and domestic usage in this area (Karnataka).

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The total power consumption of this setup is about 20 Amp (4400 W) for all appliances including light, fan, dental/ medical equipment, X-ray machine, submersible pump, etc. 24*7 power is of the utmost requirement for a medical clinic. For this requirement, a 10 kW inverter, 10 solar batteries 150 AH (120V) each, and 350 W mono solar panels (perc technology) have been used. Please note average degradation of just 3-4% on Loom Solar’s solar panels has been observed in the last 3-4 years. Also, remember to install a lightning arrester to safeguard your solar system.

With this installation, your clinic can conveniently run on solar power during the day and on power back up once the sun goes down. Please also note, installing an inverter of a larger capacity keeping in mind increased future usage, as inverters are not expandable. You can substitute 10 large batteries (which occupy so much space) with Loom Solar’s CAML battery which is maintenance-free, occupies less space, and can be easily installed.

Upto 70-80% of the rooftop area can be utilized for rooftop solar installation. Designing your solar panels on the rooftop area depends upon consumer preference. In this particular case, the installation has been done by the customer himself. For any further questions, please feel free to contact Loom Solar, India’s premium solar brand store.


Q. My hospital is 50 bed hospital I want to install solar systems.

A: You can give 100 watt for each bed, then your continuous power consumption will be 5,000 watts. According to your power consumption, you need to install a 10kW solar system. But you have to decide which type of solar system will install here: on grid / off grid. To understand about it, Request a callback.

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