Solar Panel Installation Guide for Real Estate Industry

Real estate sector is one of the most globally recognized sectors. It comprises of four sub sectors - housing, retail, hospitality, and commercial. In India, the real estate sector is the second-highest employment generator, after the agriculture sector. It is also expected that this sector will incur more non-resident Indian (NRI) investment, both in the short term and the long term. Bengaluru is expected to be the most favoured property investment destination for NRIs, followed by Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Goa, Delhi and Dehradun.

By 2040, real estate market will grow to Rs. 65,000 crore (US$ 9.30 billion) from Rs. 12,000 crore (US$ 1.72 billion) in 2019. Real estate sector in India is expected to reach a market size of US$ 1 trillion by 2030 from US$ 120 billion in 2017 and contribute 13% to the country’s GDP by 2025. Retail, hospitality, and commercial real estate are also growing significantly, providing the much-needed infrastructure for India's growing needs.


Solar Installation Guide for Real Estate Community

This article has been written on the basis of core research on real estate communities, such as builders, property developers, resellers, contractors, electricians, and more. We have simplified this article in 7 easy steps to start solar research for the real estate community. So, continue reading now:

Step 1. Plot Size

Usually average middle class home owner plot size is 2,000 sq ft. and to install solar system we need only 100 sq. ft. to install 1kW solar system so we can easily install here 20 kw solar system but some of house owner occupy their roof as water tank or they want to keep open area so even if we calculate basis 50% area, we can easily install 10KW solar system.

Plot Size

(sq. yard)

Solar Capacity

(in kW)

Yearly Generation (Units)

Yearly Earning

(in Rs.)

50 2.5 3,750 28,125
100 5.0 7,500 56,250
220 11.0 16,500 1,23,750
350 17.5 26,250 1,96,875
500 25.0 37,500 2,81,250
1000 50.0 75,000 5,62,500
2000 100.0 1,50,000 11,25,000
4000 200.0 3,00,000 22,50,000

This solar system generates electricity up to rs. 10,000 monthly on installation of 10 kW. It means we get a straight benefit of Rs. 10,000*12*25 = 30 Lacs, even excluding the cost of solar installation cost Rs. 5 lacs, we still save Rs. 25 lacs in 25 years’ timeline.   

Step 2. Sanctioned Load

sanctioned load

When you plan to install a solar system, first you have to check your electricity bill to find out your sanction load. It denotes how much capacity you can use. Example: if your sanction load is 2 kW and you want to install a solar system for 5 kW, then you must upgrade your sanction load to 5 kW. It’s mandatory to upgrade sanction load as per discoms compliance.

Step 3. Solar System Capacity

solar system for home

Solar System Capacity = Plot Size / 20

We take an example of 220 sq. yard plot size (i.e. 1980 sq. ft. area). In this area, 3-4 BHK home flat wise constructs in urban areas, such as Delhi NCR location. If we plan power consumption of one 3-4 BHK flat, then we will get approx. 5kW. During the load calculation, we will get the following home appliances, such as:

Appliances Power Consumption Load (Watts)
Air Conditioner * 4 1500 * 4 6,000
Geyser * 3 1500 * 4 6,000
Water Pump * 1 1000 * 1 1,000
Light * 10 10*10 1,00
Fans * 10 50*10 5,00
Tube lights * 10 20*10 2,00
Refrigerator * 1 200*1 200
Washing Machine * 1 700*1 700
Dish Washer * 1 700*1 700
TV * 1 100*1 100
Laptop * 2 50*2 100
Maximum Power Consumption 15,600 Watts

We got the maximum power consumption of one 3-4 BHK flat is approx. 15,600 watts, but the continuous power consumption of it is approx. 2kW. You can decide 20% of the total power load of total power consumption. When you assure about continuous power consumption, you can choose double capacity of continuous power load. That means, your solar system size shall be at least 5kW. (It is based on consumption power consumption).

You can check the one year electricity bill of any 3-4 BHK homes. I have taken an example of my home, I paid approx. 1,00,000 per year and my electricity bill is approx. rs. 7 per unit. That means, my total consumed units is 14,285 units in a year. According to this calculation, we are paying approx. 1100 units every month. Here,  If I install a 10kW Solar System, then we can run 100% on the solar system.  But, you have to install at least 50% of the estimated power plant. (It is based on yearly electricity bills).

Step 4. Type of Solar Panel System

types of solar system

There are two popular types of solar power system for consumers in India - grid connected solar system, and standalone solar system. Below is summarized information about both systems. Find more information about grid connected solar system ( and standalone solar system (

On Grid Solar System

    • Solar Panel
    • Inverter
    • Balancing of System
    • Net Metering
Off Grid Solar System
    • Solar Panel
    • Inverter
    • Battery
    • Balancing of System

Step 5. Installation Process

solar system installation process

Usually, one new construction building takes 1 - 2 years to complete. The solar installation process of the new building is a little bit different from the existing home. As we know that before building a home, first we need approved home design, house wiring diagram, drainage plans map. According to the given map, the whole work begins to end.

If you plan for solar installation, you need a solar installation engineering diagram. In this diagram, you can get information about system capacity, type of solar structure, wiring connection from rooftop to ground floor for inverter & earthing, etc. 

It's benefits:

  • Rooftop Saving
  • Underground Wiring

    Step 6: Estimate Budget

    loom solar panel system

    The cost of grid connected solar system is rs. 60,000 to 80,000 per kW and standalone solar system - rs. 96,000 per kW. This cost shall vary as per installation design. For better understanding about solar estimates, please call us to book an engineer visit ( from here.

    #Step 7: Schedule Meeting

    There are many solar companies / installers you may find near your city but the challenge is that manufacturers only make the product and they don't install it at your rooftop whereas Loom Solar has a unique value proposition to manufacture the product, and also install it on your roof. There are many advantages for one to one meeting with us, such as:

    1. You get complete solar consultancy before purchase.

    2. We advice and help you in designing of your rooftop sites.

    3. We ensure to install your product with aesthetic look and premium quality.

    4. With installation, we also provide maintenance and service. 

    5. Other than this we also ensure that you get finance service and net metering facility so as a customer you get smooth service.


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    Significantly, you mention that I should inquire about warranties before investing in solar panels and installation costs. I wanted a convenient way of electric energy, so I convinced my husband to invest in a solar panel system. I’m glad you said that
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