How to Safe Solar Panels from Cyclone?
India has been in the middle of Covid pandemic and nature’s fury on the western side with Taukae and now Eastern side Yaas which is also being tagged as ‘very severe cyclonic storm’ a deadly. The impact on life and property can certainly be managed by taking certain precautions.


Given that the states of Odisha and West Bengal have had experienced Amphan not long ago and had its impact. Keeping in view of the the concerns emerging from Yaas, India’s no.1 solar panel company, Loom Solar has released guidelines concerning safety regulations of solar panels during the cyclone. These may help in minimizing the possible damage.

Guiding about the safety measures, Amod Anand, Director, Loom Solar, said, “Cyclones basis their intensity have the intense capacities to damage and impact lives and property and one of the largest exposed are the solar panels that are installed on the rooftops. These guidelines shall help the residents to keep a close watch on the safety of the long term investment done on solar panels.” 

3 Ways to Safe Solar Panels from High Winds?

3 ways to safe solar panels from high winds

For the solar panels safety precautions of the approaching cyclone, following things need to be taken into consideration:-

No. 1: Tight Solar Panel Hole Bolt

tight mounting hole nut bolts

Generally, capsule size nut bolts loose in solar panel installation. We recommend to use SS Bolt and 2 Vasars when solar installers work on the installation site. The common reason of broken due to high wind is loose mounting hole nut and bolts. 

No. 2: Civil Work

civil works

Generally, home owners are installing solar panels according to his rooftop space. They are using unused area of rooftop, such as monty, backyard area, high rise, wall mounted, etc. In this case, we recommend to do proper civil work of panel stand legs: 

If you are installing solar panels on surface roof, we recommend to make 300 * 300 * 300 (L * W * H) and it's weight will be approx. 70 kg. whereas when you are installing solar panels on high rise, then we recommend to make 400 * 400 * 400 (L * W * H) and it's weight will be approx. 90 kg. In whole process, you should use 10 mm fastener in home lenter.

No. 3: Uninstall Solar Panel

uninstall solar panel

Less than 1kW Solar Panels are installing maximum in India for single and double battery charging, but they have major focus on buying solar panels and charge controller. People are locally arrange panel stand or not using any panel stand. They use solar panels for battery charging on any surface area / hut roof or stand through the wall. We recommend these type of home owners to un install solar panels in cyclone time and when situation will be normal, just use it. 
Below are local retail shop numbers where you can take service on urgent basis:

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Kolkata / South 24 pgs

Green Watt Solar Energy







North 24 Pgs

Power of Solar







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Dynamic Energy







Paschim Medinipur

Titan Engineering Concern







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Arghya Solar System











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Anywhere in India

Loom Solar Pvt. Ltd.


In the regions due to cyclone people also face power cuts and interruptions in electricity, which in return are affecting the daily life of people. In this case, people can opt for monocrystalline solar panels by Loom solar. These can be easily installed within a day by visiting and call on below local retail shops in your city/ town.


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Sanatan tripathy

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5 kw solar system in my village bayree, Jajpur, odisha.

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Debashis Pattanayak

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Saran Singh

Nice and Comprehensive advice for coastal regions Thanks Loom solar

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