How to Install AC Module Yourself : 3 Easy Steps with Images

If you are on this page, you are a probably a solar enthusiast and have chosen to go solar. It sounds good when you hear that, isn’t it? Agreed solar is a great way to reduce your electricity bills and do your bit to save the environment, however, the installation might seem like a big task to start with. Well, do not be scared of the big lumpy structures and nuts and bolts. We have tried to break down the entire process into easy to understand steps for you to follow and successfully install an AC Module at your place.


The installation of an AC module can be broadly divided into three main steps: fixing the mounting structure, mounting the panels and connecting to the power source.

1. Position Mounting Structure

A mounting structure has three major parts - the short stands, the long stands and the channels.

a. Put Short legs first

 Positioning small legs

In the first step, put the shorter legs or stands in such a way that the inner side is on your outside. In the picture below, the inner side is where the man’s fingers are touching. The size of a short leg is  `51 cm. A minimum 1 meter distance must be maintained between the two short legs.


b. Put Longer Stands


positioning Large legs

The next step is to fix the longer stands or legs behind the shorter ones. The distance between these two legs (short and long) should be 85 cm. The longer legs should also be placed with their inner side on the outside, same as the shorter legs.

c. Install the Channels

 Installing the channel

The third step involves connecting both the shorter and longer legs together with the help of a channel. So you connect two channels with the four legs. The channels will automatically placed in a slanting direction, given the difference of length between the long and short legs. The channel should be placed in a way so that the capsule (on the channel) is facing the top surface.

d. Match Holes

 Match the holes

Carefully align the legs/ stands with the channels so that the holes in both these structures are perfectly matched, in order to screw them together. This will only be possible if you have placed the stands in the correct direction i.e. inner side facing outside.

d. Fix the Channels with Legs

 Fix the channels

Once the structures are perfectly aligned, fix the channel on to the stand, with nuts and bolts. A total of 8 such nuts and bolts will be needed.

e. Civil Work / Phasner

 Civil Work

In many places, residents are hesitant to screw the stand on the surface of their roofs as they are afraid of water leakage, in case the civil work is not properly done. In such cases, we adhere these stands to the terrace with the help of heavy objects like bricks, concrete stones, slabs, etc. Though this method also works fine, we would recommend getting these stands fixed on the roof. This is more important to safeguard from any catastrophe especially at the times of natural disasters in coastal regions, like the recent one in Odisha.

2. Mount the Panel (s)

a. Place the Panels in South-East Position

Once the mounting structure is fixed on the surface, the next step is to place the solar panels atop in the right direction. In India, panels should be placed in the south-east direction for maximum utilization/ efficiency and power generation.

b. Tight Panels with Nut & Bolts

Tight The Panel

Make sure the solar panels are properly placed on the mounting structure and tightened with the help of nuts and bolts. The capsule on the top of the channels should be aligned with the solar panels.

3. Connect Q-Cable to AC Module

Insering Q-Cable

After the panels is fixed on the mounting structure, the last step involved is making secure connections. The first step involved is to connect the Q-cable with the AC module. It simply involves plugging the cable into the module, as shown in the image below.

4. Connect the Energy Meter with Q-Cable

Connect Q-Cable with Energy Meter

The next step is to connect the other end of the Q-cable with the energy meter. The two wires are neutral (-) and phase (+). The top side of the energy meter is input.

5. Connect AC Cable with Energy Meter

 Connecting AC Cable with Energy Meter

After both ends of the Q-cable is firmly connected - one end to the AC module and the other to the energy meter, it is time to connect the AC cable with the energy meter. The AC cable is a 10 meter long wire that you get along with the solar module. So the energy meter is connected on one side with the Q-cable and on the other side with the AC cable.

6. Plug 3-Pin Plug in Home Socket

Plug in Home Socket

The last connection involves connecting the other end of the AC cable to the plug, which goes into the power socket of your home. Since it is grid connected, once you switch the power on (ON), the whole system starts working.

7. Check – Is AC Module Working?

Colour Indication

In order to check your AC module installation and its working, there is a color signal. When you see orange color, it means that the solar system is generating AC power. If you see a flashing red color, it indicates that there is no grid power available. However, if the color is solid red, it signifies that there is no sun power available. So, you know that your system is up and working fine, when you see the orange color.

8. What is the meaning of Energy Meter Parameter?

energy meter parameters


The Energy Meter shows Power (in kWh), Voltage {in U(V)}, Ampere {in I(A)} and Wattage {in P(W)} . It shows real time data and is 98% accurate. It is small, lightweight and easy to install. This product is measured by LCD digital power. There is no human tampering.

9. How to shut down your solar system?

Swith Off AC Module

To shut down your solar system, simply switch off (OFF) the main power button.


**Here is a detailed video to help you with the installation. Watch Video



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Client Testimonial - Our 1st AC Module Installation 


solar ac module installation in palam vihar gurgaon


Project Highlights:


System Size: 4 kW


System Type: Grid Connected


Location: Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, Haryana (India)


Installer: Loom Solar Private Limited


    • 12* Loom 340 Watt Grid Connected AC Module
    • 1 Array (SW 12 Portrait)
Installation Challenges:
  • First time Installation
  • Customize Design


    Feedback from the Client


    My name is V. K. Yadav, a Colonel lives in H. No. 3011, Sector – 23, Palam Vihar, Gurgaon. Though the requirement of power is not much, I wanted to install solar panels at my place given my passion for the same. I contacted Loom Solar of Faridabad to buy the system and do the installation. I choose them because I wanted to use highly efficient and the most durable Grid Connected AC Modules. Secondly, I wanted a customized installation on my rooftop, which Loom Solar guys readily agreed to do. However, Loom Solar agreed to all my conditions. Also Loom Solar’s products matched all my required specifications.


    I installed a 4 kW solar system with 12 quantity Loom Solar 340 Watt grid connected AC modules in 1 array (SW-12 portrait). I asked them to install 12 solar panels in my rooftop area. To my amazement, the whole process (from contacting Loom Solar to installation) was completed smoothly within 3 days and with excellent finishing.


    First day, Loom Solar engineer visited on my place and they analysed my installation space on my roof. According to my requirements, they designed customized mounting structures with proper gap between two panels as well as match proper alignment of top and bottom position.


    Second day, some Loom Solar civil worker came, and they fitted all mounting structures using Phasner, Nut and Bolts, and Civil work.


    Third day, Loom Solar engineer came on my home and they lifted 12 panels on 3 floors by staircases with proper safety. They mounted one-by-one panels on the stand, fixed all panels using 10 mm nut and bolts with proper alignment (left-right-top-bottom directions). After mounting panels, they connected all panels using Q-Cables. They connected 4 mm 2 phase copper AC Cable one side of Q-Cable and closed another side of Q-Cable using electrical tape. They used one 20 Amp. MCB between Q-Cable and AC Cable. They connected 2 Phase AC Cable in my 32 Amp. socket near main meter connection. They installed Envoy and 2 CTs (One CT is for Solar Production Cable and Another CT is for consumption cable through which all loads flow in my house). Here, they said, we have installed your system now and these all panels are working successfully. 


    Next day, our system generated 22 units of solar power and consumed 27 units of total usages in my house. That’s means, I realized that I used only 5 units from the grid. Now, I am a happy clients of Loom Solar. I also recommended   to my neighbors to install AC Modules.


    The team was very supportive and listened patiently to my requirements. This has been my best experience so far for online purchase of solar system.


    #2. 3 kW Grid Connected AC Module Installation in Faridabad, Haryana

    Hi, I am Dinesh.  I am a faculty at University in Delhi. I recently installed a 3 kW solar system at my residence at  Sector 37, Faridabad. It is a grid connected system with 10 AC modules. Read more

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    Nitesh Kumar

    Nitesh Kumar

    Sir ,i want 2 kw ac solar system ,but offgrid and without battery. Plz , resolve my trouble.

    Haneefa VP,

    Haneefa VP,

    Iam Mohammed haneefa,from Kerala ,malappurm,,Iam interested to know about LOOM AC solar panels,,.give me some details about the product and IQ6 micro Inverter,,,
    Iam doing solar , Inverter, battery etc

    Naresh k.Damor

    Naresh k.Damor


    jiten  Mallik

    jiten Mallik

    dear team

    i am purchase 2 nos retrofit …
    retofit are not working conditions ..

    i am continue call support team but no response and website no mention return policy …




    Nishi Chandra

    Nishi Chandra

    Hi Wilson,

    Good question, It can be any home socket where you are using laptop and tv plug. But you should keep in mind, if you plug in 16 Amp. socket, it will be more safer.


    Nishi Chandra




    Regarding: Plug 3-Pin Plug in Home Socket

    Can it be any home socket or need to be setup near the electric meter like we do for normal inverter connection?

    Only this part is confusing rest it’s easy

    Thank you,


    Shital Magdum

    Shital Magdum

    .5hp motor (1hour) /day kitne wattage ke panels ac model lagenge and cost kitni hogi
    Madan Lal Jangid

    Madan Lal Jangid




    Ac solar panels need 1kva load



    Iam looking for 5kw how much is the cost, in Kerala trichur dt



    I am also looking for 08kw rooftop solar system to set up on my office. Please let me know your branch in Bangalore.

    Partho Protom Bose

    Partho Protom Bose

    What is the cost of installing 3kw ac pannel?

    Sudarsanan K G Govind

    Sudarsanan K G Govind

    I also want to install the AC module for 4 kW solar system at my residence at Bhopal. Do you have branches at Bhopal. May I also know total cost with all other availability and installation details by return mail



    Hello I’m new to this field this content is very useful for me thank you

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