How to charge a 12v lithium battery?

A 12V lithium battery is an ideal use for a small home lighting system, street light, portable generator, energy storage system, science projects, etc., but the main question is how can I charge this battery. I will use two methods through which you can charge your battery.

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Method 1: Using an AC to DC Charger

You can charge a 12V lithium battery using a charger, just like a laptop charger. The main benefits of using a charger are: It is a plug-in-play, lightweight, etc. The following are some of the technical specifications of the charger:

AC Input Range: 220V – 240V, 50Hz

DC Output Range: 12.8V, 2Amp/5Amp

Recommended Charger for 12V Battery:

2Amp = 6Ah to 20Ah Battery, Charging Time: 2 hr. 30 minutes to 8 hours.

5Amp = 30Ah to 40Ah Battery, Charging Time: 6 hrs. up to 8 h.

Method 2: Using a Solar Panel

In some cases, we need to charge a 12V lithium battery using solar panels where electricity is usually unavailable, such as street lights, outdoor camping, etc. Here, you need a solar panel and a lithium-supported charge controller. A 12V Lithium battery comes in 6Ah, 12Ah, 20Ah, 30Ah & 40Ah batteries. Below are some of the recommended solar panels, along with the Ah rating and also a charge controller for the 12V lithium battery:

6Ah – Solar Panel = 20-Watt Solar Panel, Charge Controller = Fusion1012 lithium

12Ah – Solar Panel = 40W / 50W Solar Panel, Charge Controller = Fusion1012 Lithium

20Ah – Solar Panel = 50W Solar Panel, Charge Controller = Fusion1012 lithium

30Ah – Solar Panel = 75W Solar Panel, Charge Controller = Fusion1012 Lithium

40Ah – Solar Panel = 125W Solar Panel, Charge Controller = Fusion1012 Lithium 

Overall, we can say that the charging time of the above 12V lithium battery is 5 to 7 h with the help of solar panels.

Now, you may have a question, how will you be able to increase the backup time?

The answer is that you can connect one more 12v lithium battery in a parallel connection. Thereby you can significantly increase the backup, ensuring the power supply lasts for the whole evening and night in places where it is ideal, like the street lights and even for outdoor camping.

The second question you might have is: How do you reduce the charging time?

To greatly reduce the charging time, you will need to purchase an additional solar panel.

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