Top 10 Cities in Kerala

Kerala is located on the southwestern part of the Indian coast. It is one of the small states of India, occupying only 1% of the total area, bordering Tamil Nadu and Karnataka to the east and north while covering the “Arabian Sea” from the south and west. Kerala is famous for its scenic landscapes and pleasant climate is the reason for often called “God’s Own Country” and is also a popular tourist destination. It's Ayurveda, a traditional system of medicines that uses natural herbs and oils, is also popular on a large scale. Kerala is one of the most literate and progressive states in India, with a high human development index and a low population growth rate.

Top 10 Cities in Kerala, India

1. Kochi
2. Thrissur
3. Kozhikode
4. Kottayam
5. Alappuzha
6. Kollam
7. Thiruvananthapuram
8. Kannur


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