Solar Jobs in India

In 2022 India had set up a target of generating 175 GW of solar power. Achieving of this target aided creating of a job pool in the sector. Since the solar project being planned and implemented across the country have various stages since its inception to completion, it demand labour with a variety of skill set.

With solar energy sector gaining momentum rapidly, India will be providing employment to thousands in the industry. It is only wise for those to get the requisite skill set to meet the market demands and be prepared for the challenges in the industry.

solar jobs oppurtunity

This ninth edition of IRENA’s Renewable energy and jobs: Annual review shows that the number of people either directly or indirectly employed in the renewable energy sector has continued to grow, from 12 million in 2020 to 12.7 million in 2021. Solar photovoltaics, with a third of these jobs, remains the most dynamic renewable industry. Know more...

Solar Jobs Opportunity in India, 2023

In this article we will be covering various job opportunities in solar sector at different levels of the projects:

1. Sales & Marketing

Although solar energy sector is rapidly expanding its footprints across the country, `convincing people to opt for the solar panels instead of traditional energy resources still remains a challenge. This is where business development comes into play. Every company into this sector has its own business development team who identifies business leads, taps into it and converts it into viable business.

This is a customer facing role. It requires interaction with potential customers and converting them into service available customer. It requires good communication skills, ability to convince people by eloquently putting your points across, understanding of the sector and interest in knowing the latest developments in the industry.

2. Solar Engineering

This is a technical role and those willing to start their career in this field need to have hands-on training and knowledge about solar sector and it's finer nuances. People involved in design will help with construction of various projects. This will also require overseeing and managing crews. This is mostly on field job and requires technical skill set.

Training for this is given by few companies like Loom Solar.

3. Manufacturing Plants

This part of solar sector employees most of the unskilled labour. After a project begins it requires unskilled workforce to do the muscle work and finish the project on time. Since many new projects in this sector will be commissioned in the coming year it is slated to create a job pool for unskilled laborers.

4. Solar Installer

Installation of solar panels in residential areas, corporate offices, hospitals, education institutes, etc also needs a workforce. Manufacturing companies in this sector employ people to do the installation. This requires an understanding of the various parts of solar panels. They should also know where the panels need to be installed for maximum output. They need knowledge of how to do a site inspection. They also need to give customers a brief of the functioning of solar panels and clear any doubts that they may have while installation. This requires both soft skills and technical skills.

5. Operation and Maintenance

Generally, the companies managing big solar plants require people for the operation and maintenance of the plants. This is again an onsite job which requires people to have in-depth technical knowledge of how solar plants function and should be able to identify and fix any glitch that might happen at the plan. There are various positions when it comes to operation and maintenance of plants. Depending on the years of experience and skill set people can explore job opportunities here.

6. Other opportunities

Apart from the above mentioned opportunities there are several other allied sectors where one can get job opportunities. This includes maintenance of warehouses storing various parts of solar panels, getting associated with banks Giving loans for solar panel installation, becoming a trainer to help create skilled workforce for the sector, helping new and emerging companies with investor relations amongst others.

How Loom Solar is creating these Opportunities?

Loom Solar being one of the leading companies in the solar sector is aiding and abating the growth of this industry. It is not only creating jobs in all the verticals of the solar energy sector mentioned above but is also helping in the creation of a skilled workforce to execute these jobs.

With its footprints in nearly all the states of India, Loom Solar has been giving employment to thousands of skilled and unskilled labours annually and it aims to increase this number substantially in the coming years.

Future of the solar sector in India

The systematic and content push for the adoption of solar energy across India is to open a slew of opportunities. India is expected to generate around 50000 jobs in this sector by the next year. The Indian solar sector has the potential to become one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. Powered by necessary government support in terms of policy changes, and subsidiaries it will also give birth to a new generation of entrepreneurs in the sector which in turn will bolster the job market.

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Ravindra Mishra


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Sanjeev bhilatiya

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Kumar Dv

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