Inverter that does not require Battery? [ ऐसा इन्वर्टर जिसमे बैटरी की जरुरत नहीं होती? ]

Now after that comes the solar inverter here is the 3-phase inverter of 50kw. Moreover, here it checked while selecting the inverter. How many numbers of MPPT is there? Therefore, here is a 3 MPPT solar inverter with a dongle attached to it and an internet cable.

Watch Video :- ऐसा इन्वर्टर जिसमे बैटरी की जरुरत नहीं होती ?

Moreover, from here the connection of AC has been done. Here the solar input, which is about 230v to 960v, is the range of input voltage going. Here all the connections have been made with the solar inverter. Today it has 52.97 KWH total 4897 KWH and this much power has been made so far.

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