Loom Solar has launched a small solar panel of 10-watt to 50-watt for a 12-volt battery that is charged with the help of sunlight. This solar panel is also known as Portable, DIY, or Mini solar panel. We can say that anyone can understand the use of small solar panel - what is solar panel, how does solar panel work, benefits of solar panles, types of solar panels, how to install solar panels, etc. In this video, you will know wide range of small solar panels for home lighting system, street light, science projects, agriculture purpose, reselling, etc. Being light in weight, this portable solar panel finds many applications or uses. The solar panel is specially designed to charge small batteries up to 10 Ah or 10,000 mAh to 20Ah battery. Know more:https://www.loomsolar.com/collections/solar-panels/products/loom-10-watt-12-v-solar-panel

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