Save Your Money with "Solar Energy"

Solar Installation @ 30kw

Hello Guys!!! My name is Sukvindar Singh. I live in Zirakpur, Punjab. I live in joint family. We are total 30 members in our family. We have 20 no.s of fans, 15 no.s of coolers and 6 no.s of A.Cs and 35-40 led lights. The total load of our all appliances is 30-40kw. Which was very expensive for us. We had to pay Rs. 30k-40k per month on our electricity bill.

So that we have decided to use solar energy and just before from last 6 months we are using solar and it is very awesome for us. As now our electricity bill is only Rs. 5k-6k every month. On an average we are saving Rs. 20k-22k every month.

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