3HP Solar Water Pump Installation in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Kanyakumari is the southernmost point of peninsular India and the meeting point of three oceans-the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. It is famous for its beautiful views of sunrise and sunset over the water.

Purpose of Solar Panel Installation

Mr. Anish is from Kanyakumari, India. He is a solar technician and also own’s a solar shop so he is already aware about solar and LOOM SOLAR well. He installed solar water pump system for agriculture purpose so that his electricity bill could minimize and be zero.

How to Select Solar Water System?

Solar Panel – 8 nos. of Loom Solar 375W Mono Perc Solar Panels

VFD: 3Phase - 3HP VFD

Panel Stand: Customized Panel Stand

Water Pump: 3HP Three Phase AC Pump

Mr. Anish is an authorized partner of Loom Solar in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. He is getting free energy from sun, so his aim is to utilize it with full swing.

Installation Process

3kw of solar panel has been installed in which Loom Solar 375watt of 8 solar panels are from Loom Solar. Next component is VFD (Variable Frequency drive), pump installed here is 3phase AC pump. To install solar panel, they have also put fixed high-rise standard panel. You can compare solar water pump solution from here.


If you also want to install solar at places like your home, office, hospital, school, petrol pump, etc., to get the experience of the product and service of Loom Solar, then the official website of Loom Solar is www.loomsolar.com and your nearest dealer. You can contact the distributor directly.

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