What is Solar Inverter

A piece of equipment in every solar system that safety converts DC power (Direct Current) to AC power (Alternating Current). There are micro inverters and string inverters, providing various levels of monitoring, system efficiencies, and long-term savings.

Solar Inverter in Details:


A solar inverter converts the DC output from your solar panels into a frequency that can be fed into a power grid. AC power is the standard used by all the commercial appliances in your home. You could say that inverters are the bridge between your solar system and your dishwasher.

Depending on the solar company or the system requirements, a different type of solar inverter might be used. A micro inverter has a higher upfront cost, but can save you on efficiency and provide longer-term savings. They also supply deeper and more accurate monitoring capabilities of the system’s energy production performance.

A string inverter is used to save on upfront system costs, but are less efficient and therefore provide fewer savings as time goes on.


         Solar Inverter by loom solar

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