Luminous Battery Price in India, 2022

Luminous is the most trusted brand for home inverter batteries that makes a wide range of batteries for home inverters. Started in 1998, Luminous is Haryana based inverter battery manufactures that sells inverter batteries across India as well as the International market. They have strong brand equity, and large distribution networks. 

Luminous Battery

luminous battery

Luminous has its own R & D team, they are finding consumers' problems and giving their solutions. They manufacture 4 categories of battery, such as Inverter Battery, Solar Battery, Auto Batteries & Online UPS Battery.

Types of Battery

types of battery

1. Lead Acid: Lead acid batteries are the most common solar batteries. They have electrodes which are grids of metallic lead containing lead oxides. The composition, that created by lead oxides, helps in charging & discharging this battery.

2. Tubular/SMF Battery:  SMF batteries are used in Online UPS where power requires interpreted powers diagnostics labs and clinics, DTP, printing shops, cyber cafes, school and college computers labs, FMCG warehouse and large format retail stores, airline reservation and travel booking counters.    

Luminous Battery Range & Price List

luminous battery price

Luminous manufacturers 20 Ah to 200 Ah battery for home inverter and it's battery price starts ₹ 3,500 to ₹ 23,136 including all costs. The cost of battery can vary depending upon capacity and warranty. Golden Rule: Less capacity & Less warranty - Less Price and Maximum capacity & Maximum warranty - Maximum price.

Solar Battery

Luminous 120 Ah Battery
5 Years ₹ 15,000
Luminous 150 Ah Battery 5 Years ₹ 18,500
Luminous 200 Ah Battery 5 Years ₹ 21,500

Inverter Battery

Luminous 20 Ah Battery
2* Years ₹ 2,500
Luminous 40 Ah Battery 2* Years ₹ 3,500
Luminous 80 Ah Battery 3* Years ₹ 7,274
Luminous 100 Ah Battery 3.5* Years ₹ 8,405
Luminous 120 Ah Battery 3* Years  10,632
Luminous 150 Ah Battery  3 Years  14,300
Luminous 150 Ah Battery - Flat Plate 3* Years  12,360
Luminous 150 Ah Battery - Tubular 4.5* Years  15,408
Luminous 150 Ah Battery - Tubular 3* Years ₹ 13,908
Luminous 150 Ah Battery - Tubular 6.3* Years ₹ 19,128
Luminous 200 Ah Battery 3* Years ₹ 17,016
Luminous 200 Ah Battery 3* Years ₹ 21,108
Luminous 200 Ah Battery 3* Years ₹ 23,136


Note: Above price of Luminous Battery can be vary +/- 10-20% depending on location, warranty & capacity.  

Best Battery for Home Inverter

Luminous 200Ah Battery Price

Luminous 200Ah battery is highest capacity of battery in the Indian market. 200Ah battery is used for those area where as long time power cut happens. It can be connect with high capacity inverter and pcu and it stores 2400 watts power when it is fully charged.

Luminous 150Ah Battery Price

Luminous 150Ah battery is the highest selling battery model in India. It can be connected with any inverter and provides upto 4-5 hours of power backup during the power outages, It stores a power of 1800 watts when it is fully charged. 

Luminous 120Ah Battery Price

Luminous Solar 120 Ah Tubular battery is a C10 rating deep cycle battery designed for connecting with inverters of capacity between 900 VA – 10 KVA. It provides longer power backup and requires very low maintenance. The battery stores 1400 watts of Power for backup. 

Luminous 80Ah Battery Price

Luminous 80Ah battery is medium range of battery for those area where as less power cut and ideal for small homes and shops. It can be connected 12V battery inverter between 750 VA to 10 kW Inverter.

Download Datasheet 

Download datasheet from here.


You can buy Luminous batteries online as well as offline local retail shops in your city, but if you want to buy a Luminous solar battery, you have to buy online only this time. 

Service & Maintenance

Luminous has strong distribution network in India which has 70,000 dealers & 3,000 distributors across India. They have proactive service networks in India, so they provide pre and post sales support and maintenance within 24 hours. They have service support number, the customer has to create ticket through mobile phone only.

How to Buy?

Luminous has local market and digital presence both. If you are home owner ,solar installer, electrician and want to install on battery of Luminous brand in residential and commercial projects, such as Home, Hospital, School, Factory, Cooperate Buildings, Restaurants, Petrol Pump, etc. you can buy at Loom Solar.


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