Unique Education Opportunities with Solar System

Solar Installation @ 6kw

Hello Guys, I am Mr. Anand Khati and I am a teacher in Govt. school which is in Dopakhi village Uttrakhand. Just before sometime we have started to use solar energy in our school. As earlier we had to face lot of power cut in our school, Which was very difficult for us to teach the students. Due to power cut, Most of the time we had to arrange sitting of the students on the open ground and many of the times this was very unsafe due to bad whether on mountains. The biggest problem was that, When students had exams and the power were not there, Many of the times we had to cancel the exams. Since we are using solar energy this is like a boon for all of us. As our students can concentrate  on them study and we also can teach them without any interruption.

The day from we are using solar energy getting many benefits like:-

  • Solar panels can easily offset monthly utility bills. 
  • It may even be possible to switch to 100% renewable energy.
  • Solar panels supplies electricity for operating the Edusat system in schools, As well provide power to run fans and LED bulbs.
  • Now we are using projectors in our schools to teach the students.

For our rural area is very best option for everyone, Being a teacher now we can say our students future can be bright.

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