Top 11 Solar Panel Manufacturers in India under Govt.’s PLI Scheme

The Government has allocated a total capacity of 39,600 MW of domestic Solar PV module manufacturing capacity to 11 companies, with a total outlay of Rs. 14,007 Crores under the Production Linked Incentive Scheme for High Efficiency Solar PV Modules (Tranche-II). Manufacturing capacity totaling 7400 MW is expected to become operational by October 2024, 16,800 MW capacity by April 2025 and the balance 15,400 MW capacity by April 2026. The Tranche-II is expected to bring in an investment of Rs. 93,041 crore. It will also generate a total of 1,01,487 jobs with 35,010 getting direct employment and 66,477 being indirectly employed. The list of the companies is at Annexure - A. 



Speaking on the success of the PLI scheme, Shri R. K. Singh, Union Minister for Power & NRE said that India was well on its way to climb up the value chain in production of the high technology Solar PV Modules and this capacity addition is a major step towards making India Aatmanirbhar in solar manufacturing sector. "The PLI Scheme has proved to be a watershed event in India's Renewable landscape resulting in around 48 GW domestic module manufacturing capacity within next 3 years. Scheme has boosted Government's efforts to reduce not only the impact of global supply chain shocks but also our import dependence adhering to the Hon'ble Prime Minister's vision of an Aatmanirbhar Bharat," Shri Singh said.

A total integrated capacity of 8737 MW was allocated under Tranche-I of the Scheme, in November-December, 2022. Considering the two tranches together, the total domestic solar PV module manufacturing capacity allocated under the PLI Scheme is 48,337 MW, with a cumulative support of more than Rs. 18,500 Crore by the Government.

Sr. No. Name of Bidder Manufacturing Capacity (MW)
1 Indosol 6000
2 Reliance 6000
3 First Solar 3400
Total 15400
4 Waaree 6000
5 Avaada 3000
6 ReNew 4800
7 JSW 1000
8 Grew 2000
Total 16800
9 Vikram 2400
10 AMPIN 1000
11 Tata Power Solar 4000
Total 7400
Grand Total 39600


Download Press Release: Government allocates 39600 MW of domestic Solar PV module manufacturing capacity under PLI (Tranche-II)

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