Can Battery Power for 28,000 years?

Like the name suggests, a diamond battery lasts forever. Its effective life is more than 20,000 years or approximately 28,000 years. It is made out of nuclear waste. These waste account for more than 30 lakh tons in the whole wide world and are lying uselessly. However, they can be put to good use if utilized for the manufacturing of Diamond Batteries.

Perfect Energy Storage

2 times battery life, consumes 50% less space, needs no maintenance & takes 60% less recharge time

What is Diamond Battery?

According to Wikipedia, "Diamond battery is the name of a nuclear battery concept proposed by the University of Bristol Cabot Institute during their annual lecture". These batteries can be manufactured under intense pressure and for different power capacity variants like 1.5V, 3.0V, 4.0V, and 6.0V. Though these batteries are not available for sale freely for commercial purposes, many companies are engaging in developing its prototype. Experts believe that soon these batteries can be available for commercial usage as well. These batteries are touted as clean, economical and also check the circular economy advantage.

However, the energy generated from these batteries is only one-tenth when compared to that of a normal conventional battery and hence these batteries can find increased applications in sensors, watches, as well as in pacemakers where changing batteries at regular intervals is a tedious and inconvenient job. These can also be used in rockets and satellites. These batteries are expandable, meaning if you need more energy, you can connect more such batteries together to generate more power. When expanded, these batteries are enough to power a village as well.

However, due to the usage of radio-thermal materials in these, proper disposal of the same is required. Hence care must be taken for proper usage and disposal. Scientists are mulling over using Blockchain technology to avoid these hazards. The Diamond Batteries can be collected at one place and be recycled diligently to avoid any dangers.

With rising demand for power, the Diamond batteries can prove to be extremely useful once commercialized.


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