How to Buy the Best Refrigerator?

As we all know, a refrigerator is a very useful and important electronic appliance used to store food items, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, beverages, and so on.

People often think that refrigerators are just required during the summer seasons but it is useful in all seasons of the year. Thus, we can conclude that this electronic gadget is a non-seasonal product.

Most people decide or plan to buy a refrigerator as Indian markets are flooded with sales on electronic gadgets during the festive season. Refrigerator is a helping hand for all the working women who buy groceries in bulk for the entire week and can store them safely to maintain the same freshness.

Market Share of Refrigerator

In India, consumer electronics products presently have a market share of approximately 67 percent of the total market. The goods included in this category are television, refrigerator, iron, cooler, etc.

The Demand for non-essential products such as split ACs, LED TVs, beauty and wellness products, etc is likely to increase in the urban market.

Whereas, due to the rural electrification, the demand for durables like consumer electronic goods, refrigerators, iron, cooler, etc is likely to witness growth in the rural markets. This rural segment has 27 percent of the consumer appliances market.

The market share of frost-free and direct cool technology is 75% and 25% respectively.

In terms of value, the market size of refrigerators in India (2017) was estimated to be Rs. 195 billion (US$ 3.02 billion) and the expected reach by 2022 is predicted as Rs 344 trillion (US$ 5.34 billion)


Refrigerator Buying Guide

In this article, we will provide you with a buying guide that will provide you with a complete solution for your buying decision during this festive season, especially on Navratri, Dussehra, Diwali, or Christmas. 

For making the buying decision, you need to check a number of factors like application, capacity, star rating, features, pricing, warranty, power consumption, pricing, easy finance, and the choice of brand.

Let us check all these points in detail:

1. Application

Refrigerators are not only used in homes but are of great importance in offices, grocery shops, hospitals, pharmacies, supermarkets, schools, colleges, hotels, conference halls, marriage halls, restaurants, etc. 

It is a non-seasonal product that you require for all 365 days of the year and is a very important part of our everyday life.

2. Capacity

Capacity is the maximum amount of things that your refrigerator can hold. There are different capacities available in the market ranging. For example: 190L, 250L, 307L, 335L, 437L, 471L, 516L, 630L and 670L.

3. Budget or Pricing

The price of refrigerators in the Indian Market varies from Rs. 12,000 to Rs. 80,000. You can find a number of different products with so many attractive features and applications and thus, you can choose the one that suits your choice the best.

4. Energy Star Rating

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency awards every refrigerator with the energy efficiency star rating as per the fulfilment of conditions laid by them.

In the market, you can find 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star refrigerators. A higher rating means lesser electricity bills. Thus, the more stars a refrigerator has, the less you have to pay on your electricity bill.

5. Features as per the latest technology

With the latest technology, you can get amazing innovations in refrigerators. A few of those attractive features are:

  1. Convertible refrigerator that can be converted to different modes. Mainly manufactured by the brands Samsung and LG.
  2. Usage of LED bulbs for brighter lighting and energy saving.
  3. Door cooling+ technology to make inside temperature more even and cool (available in LG brand only)

6. Warranty

The warranty covers all the malfunctions and manufacturing defects in the appliance, which is your newly purchased refrigerator. Usually, all manufacturers offer a 1- year appliance warranty and 10 years warranty on the compressor.

7. Power Consumption

The power consumption depends on the size of your refrigerator, energy rating, door opening count, technology, etc. A refrigerator approximately consumes 100 watts 500 watts of power.

8. Easy Finance

The market is flooded with financing options which makes it easy for you to buy an electronic gadget with easy EMI options starting at the minimum. You can use your credit card or your bajaj finance card.

9. Brand

As per our research and the customer interaction, we got to know the choice of our customers and a list of the best brands as per the actual customer experience. The products by all these brands are easily available anywhere in the market. You can purchase them offline or online.  Here, are the top 10 brands in India for refrigerators:

#1. Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean electronics manufacturing company and has offered a wide range of refrigerators in the Indian Market. Its latest technology includes curd maestro, convertible, top-mount freezer, and so on.

It is the best brand for refrigerators. Some important key details are 

  1. Product Range – 190 L to 700 L
  2. Ratings:  2 stars to 5 star
  3. Price: 12,000 Rs. to 80,000 Rs.

The products by Samsung have got 4-5 stars rating by thousands of users on the Amazon website.

#2. Panasonic

Panasonic is an India- based company that deals in electronic goods. It has a variety of single-door and multi-door refrigerators. It has a 6-stage inverter frost-free, Wifi inverter, inverter side by side, and other efficient technologies. 

  1. Product Range – 190 L to 601 L
  2. Ratings:  2 stars to 5 star
  3. Price: 17,000 Rs. to 96,000 Rs.

Panasonic has a great customer rating of mostly 3-4 stars.

#3. LG

LG Electronics Inc. deals in electronics all across the globe and was founded in South Korea. The new range of LG refrigerators includes inverter linear compressor, convertible plus, and door cooling+ technologies. Its unique patterns are the best in class.

  1. Product Range – 190 L to 700 L
  2. Ratings:  2 stars to 5 star
  3. Price: 12,000 Rs. to 98,000 Rs.

There are huge customer ratings on LG products with 4+ ratings by thousands of customers.

#4. Haier

Haier India is a company of Haier group which deals in consumer durable goods. It offers a wide range of electronic gadgets and appliances. Haier has products with twin inverter, super cool and super freeze, top mount frost-free, direct cool, and bottom-mounted refrigerators technology. 

  1. Product Range – 190 L to 712 L
  2. Ratings:  2 stars to 5 star
  3. Price: 11,000 Rs. to 59,000 Rs.

#5. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is a leading manufacturer of home appliances. Its headquarters are located in Gurugram. Its array of fridges has a single door, multidoor, and FDBM with 6th Sense Intelli fresh, Deep Freeze, and active fresh technology. 

  1. Product Range – 190 L to 355 L
  2. Ratings:  2 stars to 3 star
  3. 3. Price: 12,000 Rs. to 43,000 Rs.

#6. Voltas

Voltas Limited is in an equal partnership joint venture with Turkey’s biggest household appliances manufacturing firm Arcelik. Voltbek is a home appliances manufacturing company leading in ACs and refrigerators. It uses 2-star frost technologies in its double-door fridges. 

  1. Product Range – 230 L to 355 L
  2. Ratings:  1 star to 2 star
  3. Price: 23,000 Rs. to 46,000 Rs.

#7. Bosch

    Bosch offers a variety of home appliances that include washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators. Its refrigerators offer great storage space with shelves that are adjustable. It has features like a new air filter. Fresh sense, big box, bottle grid, multi air-flow system are a few of its key features.

    #8. Godrej

    Godrej brings a wide range of refrigerators that are efficient and designed with patented technology. It offers direct cool, frost-free, and bottom-mounted refrigerators. 

    1. Product Range – 190 L to 290 L
    2. Ratings:  1 star to 2 star
    3. Price:  Rs. 16,500 to 25,000 Rs.

    #9. Lloyd

    Lloyd is a promising brand that offers a wide range of innovative and well-designed air conditioners, LED TVs, washing machines, and refrigerators. Its refrigerator comes in 2-star frost-free, direct cool, and side by side technologies. 

    1. Product Range – 200 L to 587 L
    2. Ratings:  1 star to 2 star
    3. Price:  Rs.  13,000 to 61,000 Rs.

    #10. Videocon

    Videocon has a good reputation in the Indian market and offers many electronic appliances. It has a variety of refrigerators models designed specifically as per Indian preferences.

    Its innovative refrigerator models include glass shelves, LED lights, accessible settings, air filters, extreme cooling, and so on.

    Portable Refrigerator

    Not even indoors, but we may require refrigerators while traveling in our cars or for cafes on wheels. For such a need you can use a portable refrigerator which can be carried anywhere, you can use it outdoors and can also be taken while traveling. The price of portable refrigerators ranges between 5,000 Rs. to 7,000 Rs.

    Solar Power for Electronics Products

    In today’s generation, we are totally dependent on electronic appliances 24*7. These electronic gadgets consume a huge amount of power and add to your monthly electricity bills. 

    Thus, we are providing you an ultimate solution that not only helps you to run your electronic appliances 24*7 but also saves a lot of money on your monthly electricity bills. 

    This solution is getting an off-grid solar system that comes with an inverter battery that can store power which you can use at times of power cut or power failure. The starting range of an off-grid solar system is 500W which goes up to 1 KW, 3KW, 5KW, 7.5KW, and 10 KW.

    Where to Buy Solar Solution?

    There are many companies manufacturing solar solutions for your solar needs. One of the best Indian companies manufacturing solar systems is a Haryana-based company, Loom Solar. Loom Solar is a leading solar manufacturing company that deals in solar panels, off-grid and on-grid solar systems, lithium batteries, solar water pumps, and so on.


    Refrigerators are the need of every household as well as commercial area. For the long-term energy-saving purpose choose a solar solution to use your appliances without any interruption and save a good amount of money on your monthly electricity bill, both at the same time. For all your queries related to the Solar system and its installation, you can contact Loom Solar at their contact numbers or the official website. You can get a solar solution for your house, office, shop, school, hospital, hotel, or any commercial or residential property.

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