Top 10 Fan Brands in India and Buying Guide

The most fundamental step in avoiding heat is installing a household fan. Avoiding summer's scorching heat explains why the fan industry has a significant market in India today.

When purchasing a fan, however, many individuals are unsure whether a particular fan will fit them best. So, this blog is here to assist you. We will discuss some of the greatest fan brands in India in this post.


[Overview] Brief Description

In terms of cooling appliances, the most important thing in any home is a fan. When purchasing a fan, pay close attention to the design, color, and technology.

How Do I Purchase a Fan?

On the market nowadays, there are several variations of table fans, ceiling fans, decorative ceiling fans, and so on. But, of course, you should always select the appropriate fan for your needs.

1. Technology

    Understand how the blades and the motor utilized in the fan determine the capacity of any fan. A greater blade pitch fan will provide better air and cooling source. That is why it is critical to keep this in mind when purchasing a fan.

    2. Technical Requirements

      There have been fans with wires, coils, and so on with whatever fans used to arrive earlier. However, fan technology has been quite advanced over the years, and several excellent smart fans are now on the market. These fans use BLDC technology, which eliminates the need for wiring and coils. These fans may also be operated using a remote, etc.

      3. Fan Cost

        A standard fan costs between Rs 1200 and Rs 2000. A BLDC Smart Fan, on the other hand, costs between Rs 3500 and Rs 4500. As a result, before you purchase a fan, you must first determine your budget.

        4. Where to Buy the Fan?

        If you want to shop online, you may visit sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Alternatively, you might purchase a fan from your local store.

        5. Guarantee 

        Generally, any fan company provides a 6-month to 2-year guarantee on their appliances. However, their service network is inadequate. In addition, there are several dangerous factors in a situation if the fan fails. So choose the fans with proper caution.

        Top 10 Fan Brands in India

        1. Atom Berg

        It is India's fastest-growing fan company. The firm has produced many great models packed with cutting-edge technology in ceiling fans, table fans, wall fans, and other products. These fans use BLDC technology, which uses half the power of traditional fans to operate.

        2. Usha

        Usha fans are one of India's most trusted companies. Usha's fans are powerful and energy-efficient.

        3. Bajaj

        Bajaj is another well-known brand. The company has released a slew of great fans on a small budget. Furthermore, its design is surprisingly light.

        4. Orient

        The Orient Fan manufacturer has introduced numerous thin, durable, and silent fans suitable for use in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. These fans are well known for producing extremely cool air.

        5. Havells

        Havells fans are quite prominent. Havells fans are well-known for their outstanding comfort, energy efficiency, and safety. 

        6. Polycab 

        Polycab company has also released other smart ceiling fans. However, it is distinguished by its design.

        7. Luminous 

        Luminous is recognized for providing high-quality fans at a reasonable cost. Its fans are quiet, powerful, and energy-efficient.

        8. Anchor

        Anchor is a subsidiary of the famed Japanese electronics conglomerate Panasonic. The firm has introduced various high-speed, energy-efficient fans in the table, ceiling, and wall fan categories. In addition, the brand is well known for producing high-quality Double Ball Bearing fans. 

        9. Crompton

        Crompton has a unique reputation in the sector of cooling appliances. The firm has introduced several high-energy-efficient fans with smart controls.

        10. V-Guard

        V-guard is a Kochi-based Indian corporation. This firm is well-known for producing low-cost UPS stabilizers, high-speed inverter batteries, and other products. The firm has also released many excellent smart fans.

        How much power is required?

        An old-technology fan requires around 50 watts of power to operate. On the other hand, modern smart fans use only 25 watts of electricity.

        How much power backup is required?

        Power outages are now a routine occurrence around the country. To avoid this, a power storage battery with a capacity of 3000 watts has to be installed. If you have four vintage fans in your house, they can easily operate for 15 hours. If new smart fans are installed, they will provide 30 hours of continuous backup.

        Solar energy reliance

        You may lessen your reliance on government power by purchasing a 1 kW solar panel. Solar panels will provide you with free power for years to run the fan, TV, light, fridge, and other appliances.

        What will it cost?

        A 1 kW solar system will cost around Rs 1 lakh to install. But if you invest that much once, you won't have to think about it again for years.

        What should I keep?

        After installing solar panels, you may gradually modernize your home's outdated technology appliances. This will optimize your power consumption and eliminate the need for additional solar panels.


        We hope you found this post useful. If you wish to install a solar system in your house and have any questions, please contact us immediately. Our professionals are always available to help.


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