How to install a water proofing solar panel?
List of components to make a water proofing roof: high rise panel stand, height of panel stand legs (front and back) depends on your budget. A standard height of high rise panel stand is 7-8 ft. but when you plan to waterproof solar panels, then you need panel stand legs height equals to wall's height. It could be 10 ft. or its above. No. of legs can be equals to no. of existing pillars. Generally, when you plan to make something like this, you don't need to build a top roof using asbestos roof or teen sheet.
Epdm tape: EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It's double sided gumming tape that will place between the solar panel frame and panel stand channels top surface. It is waterproof. A gap between two solar panel frames is approx. 2 inch.
After placing EPDM tape on panel stand channels, one-by-one solar panel installs properly and carefully. In the slope area, we give a drain pipe, so all water collects in one place. After installing, we test water that there is no leakage from the roof. 

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