How to charge solar battery calculator?

What is calculator?

A calculator is an electronic device that performs complex math’s calculations in a concise period with very high accuracy. The calculator works like a mini-computer and does all ALU processing.

What is source of power in calculator?

To perform all those tasks, it needs a power source from where it will get power. A bottom cell, which is cylindrical in shape, used in a calculator. The thickness of such a cell is between 1-6 mm, diameter is between 5-25 mm. Button cells are single-use, disposable cells with anodes made of zinc and lithium and cathodes made of manganese dioxide, silver oxide, cupric oxide, and other materials. The cost of the bottom cell is between 5–400 RS. Depends on our usage. The average life of a cell is 3 years, depending upon the nature of usage.

Alternative of Bottom Cells?

Now the bottom cell is no longer in use due to its toxic nature and replaced by solar cells.

The solar cells of our calculator use solar energy and convert it to electrical energy to power our calculator's liquid crystal display. The material used in these solar cells is crystalline silicon. Silicon is a common element found on Earth—beach sand, for instance, made from silicon compounds. Extracting silicon, however, is difficult and that is why it is not cheap even though it is so abundant in Earth's crust. The life of a solar bottom cell is approximately 25-30 years, and its cost nearly to bottom cells.

How they get charged?

Bottom cells and solar cells are both rechargeable in nature. At the same time, a device that restores them with the help of the compatible voltage and charger recharges the bottom cells. On the other hand, the solar cell charged by the solar panel, which is installed on the calculator to charge the cell inside it.

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