Top 10 Cities in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is a western peninsular region of India, it is the third-largest state by area and the second-most populated state in India. It is bordered by the Arabian Sea and several other Indian states Goa, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Chhattisgarh. Its capital is Mumbai, the financial and entertainment hub of India. Maharashtra has a diverse geography, ranging from the coastal Konkan lowland to the Western Ghats mountains. It is known for its ancient caves, temples, forts, festivals, cuisine, and literature. Maharashtra is also a leader in agriculture, industry, trade, transport, and education in India.  Maharashtra has the only saline lake on earth, Lonar Lake, which was formed by a meteorite impact, and the largest roadways network in India with a total length of over 2,67,5000 Km2.

Top 10 Cities in Maharastra, India

1. Mumbai

About Mumbai:

Scope of Solar Energy:

Capital Cities – 24 hrs. electricity bill – on grid solar system – reduce monthly electricity bill and runs necessary appliances. 

Popular Cities – 20 hrs. electricity bill – hybrid solar system – reduce monthly electricity bill as well as run necessary appliances during the power cut.

Rural Area – 16 hrs. electricity bill – off grid solar system – charge battery to run necessary appliances during the power cut.

2. Pune
3. Nashik
4. Aurangabad
5. Nagpur
6. Dhule
7. Jalgaon
8. Nanded
9. Latur
10. Solapur


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