How to Start Low-Investment Business with the LOOM SOLAR?

As the majority of India, is enriched with abundant sunlight throughout the years, Solar energy is one of the fastest-growing industries in India; with the government's support, it is a lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs. Starting a solar energy business in India holds great potential. You can start your business from 2 ways with us:-

Loom Solar Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is a promotion technique where small investment businesses work as affiliates and promote merchant and advertiser products in return for a small commission per sale. Affiliate marketing could be effective for zero and low-investment businesses.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, Loom Solar is one of the recommended merchants with over 21000 affiliate partners (during 2021) and offers a high commission on every sale. 

How to sign up for the loom solar affiliate partner?

Write information about solar energy on your blogs, internet sites, and information-sharing structures like META, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. Make videos & write weblogs that re-direct the user to buy them online from

If you are given a re-directing link of your information to, you can make a good amount of money per unique visitor.

  • Customers buying solar products referred by you: you will get 5% of the total sales value.
  • For each new visitor coming from your website: INR ₹ 0.50 per unique visit.

Best Conversion strategy - Valuable Content can directly approach individuals to check out the affiliate links. It can be of any format and language that helps to connect people at the individual level. It proves a strong conversion strategy for affiliate marketers.

The Dealer

A dealer is a person or a type of small investment business owner that buys products from manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers and sells them directly to end consumers or users. Dealers typically operate at the retail level and may have their own physical stores or online platforms.

Dealers play a vital role in the distribution of products to end consumers. They manage the last point of sale by providing products directly to customers and offering after-sales services, support, or expertise. Dealers generally have an interest in specific product categories or brands.

Procedure to Registration for Loom Solar Dealer

To be an agent of loom solar Pvt Ltd., you pay only 1000 Rs as a registration charge and have a GST-registered selling platform. Lastly, buy some products for a display to get your attention. Only these few requirements are essential for becoming a dealer in your area.


you will earn up to ₹ 50,000 per month with These Small investment Business ideas. As affiliate programs don't need any capital to invest, it becomes the most favored way for low-investment businesses to expand their marketing reach and increase sales.

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