How much 48v Inverter Battery is needed? [ 48V इन्वर्टर बैटरी कितनी है जरुरत ]

So first, let us know where the need of these 4 batteries is. So generally commercial shops, showrooms, hotels or schools. In all places where your employees are working for you. This battery is required. Because there your computer, laptop, internet, lights, water cooler are all needed.

Watch Video:- 48V इन्वर्टर बैटरी कितनी है जरुरत

If we tell the usage of this battery, then in generally India 75% home single battery with one battery uses it. If we talk about 20% home there, 2 batteries are used to it. So where is this 4 battery where it is used? Therefore, these 4 batteries are generally a commercial shop like your jewelers shop, some sort of showroom, like a watch showroom. Car showroom. Medical store done. It became an ice-cream factory and some kind of office like an IT office.

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