1 KW Solar System by Loom Solar, Good Timing, Excellent Advice

 I'd been considering a solar system for several years but put off installing one because of expensive system and was not getting proper guidance. Recently, I was doing some research and found Loom Solar through one of my friend, who had already installed it, that gave me confidence and correct pricing, besides, also found good review on google and you-tube. So I approached the company executive, they aligned engineer visit at my residence and we finalized within 2-3 days.


Loom Solar 1KW Poly Crystaline Panel

As my roof was not smooth, and it was over sheds so we customized mounting structure that took sometime, but our system got installed within a week time. We are really happy with the performance of this system and I would strongly recommend Loom Solar Company for off-grid solar system installations in Kolkata region.


Solar System Installed (1 Kw):


  1. NXG Inverter 1800 (1.5KVA), Qty 1
  2. Loom Solar Panel 320 watt, Qty 3
  3. Solar Battery 150ah, Qty 2
  4. +Mounting Structure, Wire & Connectors
  5. Total Installation Cost = Rs. 95,000/-


Govindlal Patel

Govindlal Patel

I want to establish 1.5kv powers solar panels, I want to know the price for complete fittings, How much Government can help.

Sunil Kumar Parte

Sunil Kumar Parte


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