ABB Solar Inverter Price in India, 2023

ABB Fimer Solar is India's largest supplier of central inverters and fastest growing supplier of string inverters. It is a Swiss-Swedish multinational corporation headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. ABB inverters are designed for photovoltaic systems installed on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. These inverters come with a series of user-focused features including high total efficiency, built-in protection, a compact design, and an easy to read control unit. The ABB string inverter offers a high conversion and MPP tracking efficiency in all conditions. Its single and three-phase inverters come in a wide range from 2kW to 60 kW for residential, commercial, and industrial establishments.

ABB Solar Inverter Product Range & Price in India, 2023

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H3 – Single Phase Solar Inverter

H5A – Single Phase Solar Inverter

88 kW String Inverter, 1000VDC

125 kW String Inverter, 1500 VDC

1MW Central Inverter (IP65), 1000VDC


IEC Approved - For Net Meter Approval

An Inverter is the center-piece of a solar system, hence its efficient functioning is required. As the competition is growing at a fierce rate, it is important for customers and EPC companies to run performance tests and certifications to ensure its quality, durability and reliability. To drive the point home, MNRE along with BIS have mandated certain tests and certifications to make sure inverters meet the standardization norms. There are many organizations granting such certifications that are recognized around the world, such as UL, ANSI, NIST, SEMI, SAC, CENELEC, IEC and many alike. But IEC is considered the most prominent amongst all of them.

Warranty & Service

Standard Warranty Years - 5 years

Since these international solar inverters are installed by leading EPS players in India, the servicing, as well as after-sales support, is also met by these players on behalf of the international inverter companies. Here are a few leading EPC players in India:

How to Buy a Product?

You must have noticed that most of the inverter brands on our list are international and must be wondering how to buy these products. Do not worry these products are easily available through various distributors and dealers in India.

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Pourus mehta

Pourus mehta

Mister Arif made report of abb 50 kv inverter without using A tester or scanner and even knew which 2 mm size ic had gone bad and did not want to give warrenty repairs or replacment because it was raining and floor was dirty because of rain

Pourus mehta

Pourus mehta

Please pull-up managemet in ahmedabad bad service and in correct reports for not giving waretty repairs

Pourus mehta

Pourus mehta

My abb inverter has stopped and after complain they sent person after four days and he refused to give warrenty of 5 years that it was dirty He made inspection without the company represtative not even knowing about it

Space Akshay Urza co.

Space Akshay Urza co.

pls share the prices of 250 kva ,500 kva central inverter

Er.Kuldeep Panchal
Space Akshay Urza co.
Karnal Haryana

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