50W Solar System Price in India, 2023

The 50W solar energy system is specially designed for places having no access to electricity, villages still using kerosene lamps in darkness. The 50 W Solar system is sufficient enough to power one small hut to light and charge the mobile for a full night. It consists of monocrystalline panels and comes with a DIY installation module. 


solar panel for mobile charging

For Mobile Charging, Running DC Fans & Bulbs


  1. solar panel - 50 watts
  2. solar battery - 150 watt-hour / 12 Ah, Lithium-Ion
  3. solar charge controller - 6 amps
  4. dc led batten - 2 qty. (3 watts and 5 watts)


Connecting wires for Plug and Play


Can be easily used in places that do not have a stable supply of power.


It's price is Rs. 6,990. 

How to Buy

You can buy 50W Solar System from here.


Customers have loved this product for its utility and are using it conveniently at their remote locations.


Chiranjib Das

Chiranjib Das

Make a system with 100w

Ravi Sureshrao Nirwal

Ravi Sureshrao Nirwal


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