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Solar Installation @1kw

Hi Friends, My name is Mohd. Asif. I live in muradabad in U.P. I have my own Fashion boutique. To run my boutique I have 15 employee and for everyone I have electric motor in each stitching machine. Electric stitching machine consume high electricity. Due to high electricity bill I thought to convert electricity from on-grid to off grid (Solar system). As I had to make high payment to our Govt. for electricity bill and I was not getting good revenue from our customers.

Then I thought I should choose another way to decrease electricity bill and I went for Solar. As well to increase number of our customers and to make them regular with us without increasing margin price.

I choose solar system to save money and to generate energy. As well from when I am solar it is giving many benefits like :-

  • We are getting off grid electricity in whole day.
  • Electricity bill get decreased till 60%.
  • My Customers number are increasing as I my stitching price is cheap than others. 
I am very thankful of solar.

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