Solar Energy in Big Farms

Solar Installation @335kw

Hi Friends we all work with solar project. Recently we have installed big solar plant in a factory which is in faruqabad in U.P. This is Export factory of garments. After discussing with the factory owner "He is saying that", He is many benefit with solar as he shared with us.

Energy security –Rooftop solar plants can deliver power during load-shedding, ensuring that critical loads are always running. Not all solar plant configurations can deliver power during load-shedding.

Cost-effective –Rooftop solar power has a levelized cost of Rs. 4.5-5/kWh (or less), considerably lower than diesel power cost at Rs. 18/kWh (or more). Additionally, your energy cost is now fixed for the next 25 years, unlike diesel power which keeps increasing. Moreover, you are also saving on the electricity that you use from the grid which is usually priced at a higher rate.

Reliable – A solar power plant is a low risk investment, ensuring reliable power over 25 years provided quality components are chosen for the installation

Minimal maintenance –A solar power plant has no moving parts and hence requires very little maintenance from the energy consumer.

Flexible configurations –Solar panels can be installed on different kinds of roofs, including covered parking areas, as long as the structure can bear the weight of the panels. They are also highly scalable, with rooftop plants ranging in capacity from less than 1 kW to more than 1 MW

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Mohd Aslam Khan

Mohd Aslam Khan

Pls call me for instalation 60 kw soalar panel system
My contact no is 9307665754

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