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You're planning to buy solar systems for Home, Offices, Shops, Farms, Factories, Parks, Movable Transports, and Public Places. You're searching very authentic, genuine, latest, long lasting solar systems at lowest price.

Still, if you know many solar shop owners nearest locations, online shopping store in India for solar systems, there are few aspects of buying solar systems could be giving you trouble: solar systems delivery & solar installations at your place.

Solar system is the future of energy. India will emerge as a solar power hub, to become one of the largest green energy producers in the world.

Why Solar Energy for a Sustainable Future?

  • 2,500 Smart Villages are to be developed by 2019 with solar panels for home lighting and street lighting.
  • 60 solar cities and 33 solar parks are to be developed by 2022
  • Smart solar homes will save up to 30% of water, 40% of energy and reduce building maintenance cost by 10 to 30%

Why Do You Want to Buy Solar System?

Solar system is the expensive & one-time investment products compare than other power backup sources, such as electricity. So, you should decide first what is the main purpose to buy solar systems?

As per our customer’s support team feedback, they say, every solar customer says,

“Sir, I want to buy solar system to save electricity bill. There is 24*7 electricity available in my location.”  


“Sir, I want to buy solar system to generate electricity or store power backup. There is two types of location 1. There is no electricity available and 2. There is high power cut problems.”   

  1. To save electricity bill,
  2. To generate electricity or To Store Power Backup

Where You Want to Use Solar System?

Loom Solar Customer Support Team understand solar customers requirement what they are looking for.

If you have very clear decision why do we invest money on solar system, now you should decide where we will use solar systems, such as

  1. For Home,
  2. For Office,
  3. For Shop,
  4. For Farm,
  5. For Schools
  6. For Hospitals
  7. For Parks
  8. For Factories
  9. For Government Places, such as Railway Station
  10. For others use, such as Movable Transport

Case -1: If Electricity is Available 24*7 && Want to Save Electricity Bill  

Generally, there is 24/7 electricity available in metro cities, but electricity bill is from Rs. 8.00 to 10.00 per unit. In summer season, every family member is using AC, Cooler, Refrigerator, Laptop, Bulbs, Fans, and more. They always think what should do to save electricity bill?

Our sales report, they believe that solar systems are those customers who have own homes in metro cities and they are giving Rs. 20,000 per month.

We recommend for this types of solar systems buyer is On Grid Solar System.

On-Grid Solar System

Case 2: If High Power Cut Problem && There Is No Electricity Available

Another type of customers are from villages where there is high power-cut problems or there is no electricity available, then we recommend Off grid solar system.

Off grid solar system is the most selling solar system which has the combination of Solar Panels, Solar Battery, Solar Inverter & Solar Charge Controller.

Off-Grid Solar System

Which Brands are Available in On-Grid Solar Systems?

Luminous Solar Systems

Si. No.

Solar Systems

Solar System Price


Luminous 1 kw On Grid Solar System - Bill Saving by ₹1,000 / month

Rs. 95,000.00


Luminous 3 kw On Grid Solar System - Bill Saving by ₹3,000 / month

Rs. 2, 40,000.00


Luminous 5 kw On Grid Solar System for Homes & Offices- Electricity Bill Savings by ₹ 5000 / month

Rs. 3, 75, 000.00


Luminous 10 kw On Grid Solar System - Bill Saving by ₹10000 / month

Rs. 7, 15, 000.00


Which Brands are Available in Off-Grid Solar Systems?

Luminous, Microtek & Sukam are the No. 1 Solar Brands in India. According to latest news, Sukam Solar systems are not available in market for long time.

Luminous Solar Systems

Si. No.

Solar Systems

Solar System Price


Luminous 40 Watt off grid Solar System for Village - Running Lights, Fans and Mobile Charging

Rs. 8,000.00


Luminous 1 kva Off Grid Solar System for Home, 5 hours Backup, Solar Ready

Rs. 25,000.00


Luminous 1 kva Off Grid Solar System with 200 watts Panel for Small Shops & Home

Rs. 29,500.00


Luminous 1 kva Off Grid Solar System with 300 watts of Panel for Small Home & Shops

Rs. 45, 000.00


Luminous 1 kw Off Grid Solar System for Homes, 10 Hours Backup with Installation

Rs. 103, 000.00


Luminous 3 kw Off Grid Solar System for Big Homes, Shops & Offices

Rs. 315, 000.00


Luminous 5 kw Off Grid Solar System for Big Homes, Offices and Commercial Shops

Rs. 515, 000.00


Luminous 10 kw Off Grid Solar System for Offices, Commercial Shops & Factories

Rs. 1,015,000.00


Microtek Solar Systems

Si. No.

Solar Systems

Solar System Price


Microtek 1 kw Off Grid Solar System for Home

Rs. 1,00,000.00


What Appliances Can You Run on

  1. On-Grid Solar System
  2. Off-Grid Solar System

You can run AC loads as well as DC Loads through solar systems.

Is subsidy Available on On-Grid and Off-Grid Solar System?

Government of India has stopped giving subsidy from 1st April 2018.

 Is Delivery Available in Our Location?

The main important facts about are we assured PAN India delivery within 3 days. We have channel partner with FedEx, customers can check shipping details directly from tracking id.

How many Years are the Warranty of the Product?

We give 5 years products warranty from date of sales. In case of this time duration, we replace the products.    

Why Should You Buy Solar Systems from

There are the main reasons to buy solar systems, such as

  1. Wide range of Solar Systems of Luminous, Microtek & Sukam*
  2. Latest Products, Same Year Manufacturing Products
  3. Lowest Price Compare than Other Stores
  4. Made in India Products
  5. EMI Options & Pay 20% Only, Rest on Delivery
  6. Assured PAN India Delivery within 3 days
  7. Demonstration Centers in Your Nearest Cities - In Delhi NCR, Faridabad is our head office
  8. Free Solar Installations at Your Place
  9. Solar Product Videos For Better Understanding
  10. Pre-sale to Post-sale customers support   


Daulat saini

Daulat saini

I want 3 kw solar system in my house for domestic perpus.
Please guide me including cost

Nepal Rajurkar

Nepal Rajurkar

Sir I want solar system installation cost . application. Please house use



सर, नमस्ते, मेरे पास 10 एकर खाली जमीन है, मैं वहा 1MW का सोलर प्लांट लगाना चाहता हूं, लेकिन मेरे guidance वाला कोई नही है, क्या आप मेरी मदत करेंगे, pls sir, i wait for u r replay. Location – osmanabad, Maharashtra

Thanks दया 9930508882



I like to know that 5 kw option and I want 24 hour electricity



Plz send 5kva on grid tie solar invertor cost with istallarion



Solar system needs for my home

jaswinder singh

jaswinder singh

I ordered a 320watt 24v solar panel and sukam mppt solar charge controller 25amp from u online will it charge 150ah battery with exide inverter 650va



If i want to install a 3 kw solar system which will be the cost for that, Please tell.

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