Luminous ‘In Just 3 Simple Steps, Get Solar Power’ TVC Campaigns (Updated - August-2018)

#Luminous Solar TVC: Pollution

In our new commercial, watch how The cricket expert, Sachin and Rajat Kapoor (Sun God) highlights one of the most serious issue in today’s world, pollution, being solved by using the most abundant natural resource, Sun light, for the generation of electricity right at your home!


In simple terms - Solar sey pollution hatao! #ChaloIndiaBijliBanao


#Luminous SolarTVC: Coin

In our new campaign, watch how the Cricket Expert interacts in a fun way with the highest authority on Solar – Sun God.

This commercial speaks about how you can save money by going Solar!
In simple terms - Solar sey paise Bachao! #ChaloIndiaBijliBanao


#Luminous Solar TVC: 1-2-3 Power

India will become the second largest solar PV market in 2018.  Luminous Power Technologies has launched the first Solar 1-2-3 Power TVC campaign on 3-May-2018. In this solar TVC campaign, Sachin Tendulkar and Sun Ji (Rajat Kapoor) address the biggest obstacle in the minds of the consumers.


“How the Cricket Expert interacts in a fun way with the highest authority on Solar – Sun God. It highlights the fact that Luminous has made owning solar extremely simple and anyone can start generating electricity on his own in few simple steps.”


Watch Luminous Solar TVC : 1-2-3 Power #ChaloIndiaBijliBanao




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Indranil Maiti

Indranil Maiti

I want to buy a solar system like seen at add.
I want to know the product full name & price.
Please contact my mob no-9051609381



Please send your contact details to connect with you.



I have luminous 850 VA with 150 amp, nice product by luminous happy with performance from last 3 and half year. Now want to switch it with solar system inverter. Please provide full details about this . Minimum requirements with current product.

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