Best Power Backup Solution for Network Service Providers

The Internet has become the necessity of our daily life. A little Interrupted internet can literally ruin days of hard work. Hence, to provide internet service to the consumers 24*7 x 365 days, the Internet Service Provider (ISP) must have a 24*7 x 365 power supply with a strong power backup. Being an ISP is one of the toughest jobs to perform from managing 24*7 internet supply to having 24*7 power supply to keep the major appliances like ACs, Fans, Routers, etc up and running also while tackling the continuous heat surge from the heavy machines.

Option 1: On-Grid Solar System

On an average the electricity bill for an ISP shoots up to ₹ 2 lakh to ₹ 2.50 lakh per year (including all the seasons) for a 2 to 3 floor house including its own personal space of the house. However, looking at the current electricity generation in scenario in India, it becomes clear that an ISP just cannot rely on direct power supply. ISPs must install solar systems to reduce the electricity bills which cost up to ₹ 9 - ₹ 10 INR per unit. To keep the major appliances running at the power cut a 5kW solar system is needed and to produce surplus amount of power to reduce electricity bills an 8kW solar system is required.

An ISP can install an On-Grid solar system. The basic costing for a 5kW / 8kW solar system will be ₹ 70,000 INR - ₹ 80,000 INR. An important point with a solar system is that it is always installed with direct-power supply, i.e, an “On-Grid” solar system, which will reduce the electricity bill. There are some conditions applied with this solar system is that an approval is required from the local discom and state government to install the solar system. 

*This system does not work when the electricity is not available.

Option 2: Off-Grid Solar System

If an ISP want to install an Off-Grid solar system, the basic system capacity for an off-grid solar system will be 5kW. The pricing of a 5kW off-grid solar system will be in between ₹ 5 Lakh to ₹ 5.25 Lakh. Unlike the off-grid solar system, on-grid solar system does not require any type of permission for installation. Based on below customer review video, you can get more benefits of solar system:

This type of solar system will save power and can provide power through0out the day without any power disruption (depending on the weather conditions of the area). In some situations the system may not be able to generate electricity due to bad weather conditions or in the absence of sunlight. An inverter battery of 5kW is essential in off-grid solar systems.

Option 3: Inverter Battery Only

An internet service provider's location requires an uninterrupted power backup solution. Currently, every type of location is using Online UPS to give power backup. There are some benefits of it, such as it occupies less space, and is budget friendly as well as very less power cut. But during the summer or rainy season, grid power is always disturbed. Here, there is a need for a more reliable power backup solution, such as an inverter battery. Based on the video below, you can understand - how this inverter battery is a more reliable power backup solution for network service providers, data centres, hosting providers and more.

How to choose the ideal power backup solution?

There are 3 simple steps to choose the best power backup solution for network service providers, data centres, hosting providers and more.

1. Engineer Visit

Before choosing any solar system, a consultation with an engineer is required to get a brief about the needed solar system and its requirements. A survey of the location will be performed by the engineer. The engineer will provide their full assistance before and after installing the solar system.

2. Solar System Quotation

After the survey and information on the requirements for a solar panel, a price quotation will be drafted. *(The price may change depending on some factors like brand, power generation capacity, inverter capacity, quality, location, etc.)

3. Solar System Installation

After the survey and the final solar system quotation, the installation of solar system will carried out. The solar system installation will be done under the surveillance of engineer and the solar panel dealer. After completing the solar system installation, the entire system will be checked for any errors or mistakes.


After completing every step an ISP can provide continuous internet services to the consumers without any interruption while keeping the machine room and his house cool, meanwhile the electricity bill will start reducing with huge savings.


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Sam David

Sam David

Such helpful information for power backup solutions for network service providers and very well explained solar energy advantages, Thank You for sharing

Nishi Chandra

Nishi Chandra

I will update pros and cons of each solution, so anyone can decide easily

Nissi Nwaozuzu

Nissi Nwaozuzu

The article discusses the three main options for an ISP who wants to install a solar system: an off-grid solar system, an on-grid solar system, or an inverter battery.

Nishi Chandra provides pros and cons for each option and a general overview of choosing the best power backup solution.

Chandra agrees that an on-grid solar system is the best option for an ISP.

It is more reliable than an off-grid system and does not require any permission for installation.

Additionally, it is less expensive than an inverter battery, which is essential for an off-grid system.

What do you think? Do you agree with Nishi Chandra? Let me know in the comments below.

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