How to Choose Solar Panel for Deep Freezer?

This article is meant for owners in the home-based commercial sector, retail shops, etc. where demand for electricity is high. In the case of a bakery shop or any other small retail establishment, the monthly electricity bill will be high irrespective of usage. A bakery will require the continuous running of cooling appliances. But what happens if there is a power cut which is so frequent during the summers or storms/ heavy winds when the power supply is hampered? The owner is left incurring losses on his goods. In such cases, we recommend installing a solar system to ensure a continuous power supply irrespective of a grid power cut or electric lines getting disrupted.


Appliances No. of Appliances Power Consumption (in Watt)
Deep Freezer 3 300 Watt Per Deep Freezer
Normal Freezer 3 300 Watt Per Normal Freezer
Total Consumption 2500Watts
1.5 Ton AC 2 Run Only on Grid
Ceiling Fans 6 Run on Inverter Battery
Bulbs 10

Run on Inverter Battery

1.5 HP Home Water Pump  1 Run Only on Grid
Geyser 1 Run Only on Grid
LED TV 1 Run on Inverter Battery
Washing Machine 1 Run Only on Grid

Total Electricity Bill (Home & Bakery Shop): 

12,000 Per Month / 1500 Units Per Month

Solar prices in India are now at par with coal-based power. We expect a faster rate of adoption, once storage cost also becomes reasonable. It is expected that the rate of solar installation will be very high compared to coal expansion over the next decade making solar the mainstay supply of power in India. Many large solar manufacturers are already ramping up production to meet this growing demand.


Small establishments like boutiques, food trucks, shops, bakeries, pet clinics, etc. can easily install solar panels to meet their power needs. A typical bakery in India needs 2500 Watts of power. These stores can install solar panels which could run cooling appliances 24*7 and reduce the electricity bill to a large extent.

Which type of Solar system should I install?

There are 3 types of solar systems available in the market, such as 


  1. Solar System with Battery (Off Grid Solar System)
  2. Solar System without Battery (On Grid Solar System)
  3. Hybrid Solar System

#1. Solar System with Battery

off grid solar system

Solar System with Battery or Off-Grid Solar as it is popularly known as is the best solution for power backup. It runs independently irrespective of the grid and will provide 24*7 power backup even though grid power is unavailable. Calculating solar for an off-grid solution is simple. You just have to see how much power is needed from your batteries and then ensure your panels can properly recharge them.


Limitation: Does not run Normal Air Conditioner 

Demerits: Huge Investment on Battery Bank 


Solar System Components - Off-Grid Solar

Inverter Capacity: 3kW

Battery Capacity: 3kWh

Solar Panel: 3kW

#2. Solar System without Battery

on grid solar system

Solar System without Battery or On-Grid Solar as it is popularly known as is the best solution for saving electricity bill and can result in saving up to Rs. 1,000 per month/kilowatt, on your electricity bill. In the case of an on-grid system, a customer can sell the excess power generated back to the grid, with the help of a net meter.


  • Can’t install solar system more than sanctioned load.
  • A conventional on-grid solar system will not be operational until net metering is approved by the electricity department. 

Demerits: Doesn’t work after a power cut.

#3. Hybrid Solar System

A hybrid solar system works in a power cut and also results in tremendous savings on electricity bills.

Demerits: Less Availability of Hybrid Inverter Manufacturers for service and support.

What is the best solution for a Bakery Shop?

solar panel for bakery shop

We will advise customers to go with an on-grid or off-grid system in this case. Hybrid is not advisable for bakeries.

On-grid is more beneficial for supporting the running of heavy appliances like air conditioners, while off-grid solar system easily supports the running of appliances like printers, computers, cooling appliances, deep freezers, refrigerators. So for a bakery shop, a 2000 W- 3kW is sufficient.

Solar Panels for 1.5 Ton AC?

solar panels for 1.5 ton ac

Inverter AC: 3 kW Solar System. If usage is not high, one can also go for a grid-connected solar system.

Normal AC: AC Module 

AC Module is better than traditional grid-connected solar systems. AC module does not require any approval by the electricity department. One panel is capable of generating 1.75 units every day and costs just Rs. 25,000. The consumer can keep on adding more panels depending upon his sanction load and space availability.

Government Solar Subsidy

solar panel subsidy

Solar System with Battery: No Subsidy is available in the commercial sector or on solar systems with batteries. For the residential sector, a customer has to buy from approved vendors. You can get to know more about the approved vendors from the nearby electricity office.

Solar System without Battery: Rs. 54,000 Per kW. You can contact your DISCOM approved vendors.


loom solar

Our recommendation is to install a 3kW solar system with a battery and a 2kW solar system without a battery for the bakery business. Business owners will never face problems in case of power cuts and high electricity bills. If the system is running successfully and the owner is getting the benefit of reduced electricity bills, he can expand the solar system in the future easily. To know more, contact Loom Solar – rooftop solar panel company, located in Faridabad, Haryana. It is an authorized local shop in your city. You can also book an engineer visit for better understanding compared to the online resources. 


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Poleesu Gorle

I want to set up a ice cream freezer with solar power . On wheels . Is it possible. Solar energy runs freezer?



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