Planning to Buy Solar Inverter?

A solar system usually has some other components which come between the solar panels and the load or between the solar panels and the power grid. These are referred to as 'balancing of system' components. The following are the commonly used components: 1. Batteries, 2. Inverter, 3. Charge Controller.


Solar inverters are DC to AC converters. Since solar panels generate direct current, it often becomes necessary to use inverters in off grid systems. These inverters not only convert to AC but adjust to the voltage requirement of the load. In grid-connected solar systems, inverters are a must since power grids are invariably AC. Efficiencies of inverters are as high as 94 to 96 per cent.

5 Things Must Know about Solar Inverter

solar inverter buying guide

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stand alone inverter - off grid inverter

grid connected inverter

hybrid inverter

Solar inverter has been categorized into three categories: Off Grid Solar Inverter, On Grid Solar Inverter, and Hybrid Solar Inverter.

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pwm based solar inverter

mppt based solar inverter

Solar inverter has two types of technology: PWM Based Solar Inverter & MPPT Based Solar Inverter.

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less than 1kw power consumption

2kw power consumption

3kw home load

5kw home load

Stand-alone inverter (off grid solar inverter) comes from 750W to 10kW that can run total home appliances, such as fans, tv, light, water pump, etc.

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12v solar inverter

24v solar inverter

48v solar inverter

When we choose a solar inverter, we always keep in mind inverter voltage. Solar inverter supports a 12V to 120V battery.

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solar inverter for home

solar inverter for school

solar inverter for office

solar panel for hospital

solar inverter for petrol pump

The purpose of buying a solar inverter should be clear. It can be used in Home, School, Petrol Pump, Hospital, General Stores, etc.

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solar inverter under 10000

solar inverter under 20000

solar inverter under 80000

When we plan to buy a solar inverter, we always focus on the cost. The cost of a solar inverter starts from rs. 5,000 to 1,00,000 according to purpose and application.

Shop by Electricity Bill

1kw solar system

3kw solar system

5kw solar system

10kw solar system

When you plan to grid connected solar inverters,  you can plan to buy an inverter according to the monthly electricity bill.

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