How to make a Battery Bank for Solar Panels ?

Power Bank is a device, which provides power supply when we run out of power .power bank used for many purpose like charging mobile, Glow bulb, Running fans ETC. However, the question is that we know that how the power bank made and how it works and how will us getting the power from it

How Power bank Works?

Power bank is a kind of small inverter battery. Which store power in it and delivery the same when we need it .it’s works on the principle of on which every battery works. Most of the Power bank have lithium battery inside it. Due to the small and compatible size of the lithium, lithium battery also have high energy density.

How Power Bank made?

Step 1:- Take a MDF board and any of other material by which we can make a box in which all the setup which we gone build is placed into it. In addition, cut in to piece like a box Shae. We have to make a box for battery bank.

Step 2:-Take a power bank module & circuit which is low in cost and easily available in the market and then now take a piece of that material which we have used to make the box and now mark on that piece according to the module & circuit which we gone used and cut it in that way by which it will get fix in that piece. Now seal the circuit at that box with the help of glue gun.

Step 3:-Take a lithium cells which easily available in the market or we can also use lithium battery of our mobile phone. We required a decent no. of cells so that we can get sufficient power through it. Which meets our requirements and now connects cells in parallel connection. So that we can get more voltage through it.

Step 4 :-Take a wire and connect  it with the  negative and positive point of the lithium ion cells which inter connect with each other  and now again  connect a set of wire in which one is connected with the solar panel & other with the power bank circuit.

Step 5:-Now take a solar panel small one, as our requirement is only charge the mobile phones only & connect that wire with negative and positive point of that solar panel & another with positive and negative terminal of module circuit.

Step 6:-Seal the setup in the box with the help of glue gun & hard glue so that box gets completely seal.

Now we can charge that power bank & charge mobile phone the help of that.

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