How to make a 12-Volt Lithium Battery?

Nowadays the battery is became the necessity of many people. Many devices runs on battery and getting power from battery to perform its function Such as cars , Electric Vehicles , Watch , Toys and many more . Now we are not imaging power surroundings without the battery. Therefore, battery become an essential part of our life.

What is battery and how it works?

Battery is a combination of cells store power and gives us when we needed. Battery works on principle of electrochemical reaction in which it convert chemical energy in to electric energy, visa –versa .the positive terminal of battery is cathode, and the negative terminal is Anode.

What is lithium-ion battery?

Lithium-ion battery made up of lithium-ion cells. Lithium-ion battery is rechargeable in nature and having high energy density. Apart from that, lithium ion battery uses intercalated lithium ion at positive end and graphite at negative end. Positive end is Cathode and negative end is Anode.

How we build Lithium Ion Battery?

We can also build our own Lithium ion battery at home with the help of very few instruments and parts.

Step 1:-To build a 12-volt lithium ion battery we need a cover or box in which we can put all the setup and we need a lots of lithium ion cells by which we getting power and build battery.

Step 2:-we connect all the cells in series and then at some particular connection we have to connect it parallel to enhance ampere.

Step 3:-Then connect wire with negative and positive terminal with BMS (Battery management System) as per our requirement, which we need for output.

Step 4:-Connect a wire with terminal of BMS negative and positive terminal and then connect that wire with load or charger to use, as we want.

Step 5;-Now put all the setup in the box to keep it safe so that setup not interrupted. By following those steps, we made a lithium ion battery at our home.

We have to take minimum of 12-20 cells of lithium of 3-5v of power by using all that material we can easily build the 12v lithium ion battery by our self.

Lithium ion battery produce high energy density and having very long life spam due to use multiple cells of lithium ion. By using multiple cells the charge and discharge of lithium ion battery is very systematic due to using of BMS which control the charging and discharging of lithium cells. All cells connected with BMS by which cells are being equally charged and discharged.

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