How to Buy Inverter Battery?

Yes. Earlier it was difficult to buy online as the technology was not water-proof and the battery was also bulky, so customers had to rely only on local suppliers. But today you can easily buy online. The inverter battery is easy to transport with no damage.

Perfect Energy Storage

2 times battery life, consumes 50% less space, needs no maintenance & takes 60% less recharge time

Batteries are important to provide power backup. In today’s fast pace life, no one can afford to lose time because time is money. In places, where we have excessive power cuts, having an inverter battery is mandatory. Inverter batteries are designed to provide a small amount of current consistently for a longer period of time. Inverter batteries are not discharged over a much longer time.


In this article, we shall deal with how to buy inverter batteries and the common questions of buyers.

1. Backup Time

backup time

Before buying a battery, one of the obvious questions of buyers is about the backup time that it will provide. What is the backup time of a battery?

  • A customer might want a backup time of approximately 12 hours on average if he wants to run a 400 Watts load, such as Fans, Cooler, Refrigerators, TV, Lights, Laptops, etc.  
  • A customer might want a backup time of 4 hours if h/ she resides in cities where power is expected to be restored faster.
  • A customer might want a backup time of 24 hours if he lives in small towns/ villages where it might take longer for the grid power to be restored.

Based on his requirement and the place he lives he can opt for battery backup time and subsequently make a choice.

2. Technology

battery technology

What technology of battery is readily available in the market?

a. Normal Battery - The most common type of batteries available in the market are normal batteries. They are locally made and non-branded. These are generally flat batteries.

b. Inverter Battery -  An inverter battery is a critical and main component of a home power system. Single/ double battery is used only in residential homes. Anything other than that is used for commercial purposes. These generally come in both flat and tubular technology.

c. Solar Battery - A solar battery is the same as an inverter battery but only has longer charging cycles. 

d. Lithium Battery - Lithium batteries have high energy density and the technology is witnessing significant cost reductions. These are low maintenance batteries and the self-discharge is also less.

    3. Warranty


    A customer is also curious to know about the warranty provided. Battery manufacturers provide both Replacement and Service warranties. For a normal battery, the warranty is 6-36 months, for an inverter battery it is 3-5 years, and for a lithium battery, the warranty period is 3 years.

    4. Price

    battery price

    Price range of the battery starts from Rs. 1000 and goes to up to 25,000 per battery. Below are the different types of battery price lists, you can choose according to your budget:


    Normal Battery: Rs. 1,000 to 14,000

    Solar/ Inverter Battery: Rs. 5,000 to 18,500

    Lithium Battery: Rs. 1,800 to 25,000

    You can visit a battery store for comparing different batteries. 

    Lithium Battery:

    Inverter Battery:

    5. Brands (Companies)

    inverter battery brands

    1. Loom Solar

    loom solar inverter battery

    Strong Hold Area - Lithium Battery

    Loom Solar is a leading manufacturer of lithium batteries based out of Faridabad, Haryana. Loom Solar has entered the Inverter battery market starting with lithium batteries. The company is focusing on Inverter batteries in the range 70 Wh - 2000 Wh lithium Batteries.

    2. Exide

    exide inverter battery

    Strong Hold Area - Automotive Battery

    Exide is one of India’s leading automotive battery companies. Exide products require lesser topping-up frequency, have better thermal management, and the ability to recover from deep discharge. Exide’s batteries are known for long life and higher power output and backups, minimal plate failures, and the ability to withstand long and frequent power outages. 

    3. Luminous

    luminous inverter battery

    Strong Hold Area - Inverter Battery

    Luminous provides a wide range of Tubular Inverter batteries in the sine wave and square wave technology. They are available from 900 VA to above 4000 VA ratings and 150Ah-180Ah capacities. Batteries are available in flat plate, gel, and tubular battery technology.

    4. Okaya

    Strong Hold Area - Inverter Battery

    Okaya offers a wide range of batteries to meet the different energy requirements of consumers. The varied product range of batteries is suitable for all kinds of applications, like Tubular Battery- Inverter Battery and Solar Battery, SMF Battery, E-Rickshaw Battery, Lithium and EV charging solutions.

    5. Amaron

    Amaron inverter battery

    Strong Hold Area - Automotive Battery

    Amaron is a power brand of the Amara Raja Group. It is a technology leader and one of the largest manufacturers of lead-acid batteries for both industrial and automotive applications in the Indian storage battery industry. Amaron’s batteries are known for their long life, ultra low maintenance, improved safety, and 24 months warranty.

    5. LivGaurd

    LivGaurd inverter battery

    Strong Hold Area - Inverter Battery


    LivGuard products are characterized by a 3D design with a double side pasting that ensures longer battery life, advanced premium design, and robust high-quality durable material. LivGuard products are ideal for areas with long power cuts.

    6. LivFast

    Strong Hold Area – Automotive Battery


    LivFast provides a wide range of batteries like Automotive Batteries, Inverters, Inverter Batteries, Solar Applications. But its Automotive Battery is the most popular.


    Planning to buy a battery, but you have no option to buy the latest technology battery in India. Don’t worry! Loom Solar, a lithium battery manufacturer, provides a wide range of batteries from small to large capacity (70 Wh - 2000 Wh) for your home, office, school, hospital, restaurants, etc.  Please visit our website to see the wide of range of products that we offer.


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