How can I get Driving Licence (DL)?

The majority of the population in this world knows how to drive a vehicle be it a bike, car. To drive a motor vehicle in any part of this world a person is required to have a ‘Driving License.’ If the person is found driving a motor vehicle without a driving license a person may face legal actions.

What is a driving license?

Just like any other official document of a country, a driving license is an official document provided by the Regional Transport Office (RTO in India) of the states. This document allows a person to drive a motor vehicle on the Indian roads.

What is required to apply for a driving license?

You are just required to provide your photocopies of your personal IDs like PAN card, Aadhar card, etc as a verification document. You are also required to provide 2 recent passport size photographs.

*(For people who are 40 years and above a medical certificate is required which must be issued by a certified MD / physician)

What are the eligibility criteria for driving license?

The applier should be above 18 years of age and must have a good knowledge about all the traffic signs and rules. The applies must have Indian citizenship to apply for the Indian driving license.

How to apply for a driving license?

To apply for DL, visit the ‘Sarathi’ website at ‘’ and click on the ‘Sarthi Services’ and select the ‘New Driving License’ option. Now fill the form with all the required details and submit the form with 2 attached passport size photographs.

After form submission, an SMS will be sent to your registered mobile number with the status of your DL. Now schedule your ‘Learner’s License Test’ appointment in Sarhti LLT section.

Now visit the RTO at the scheduled date and take the Learner’s License Test. After the test provide all the required documents and get a photo clicked in the office for physical verification. Now your process has been completed. Your DL will be created as per the ‘Motor Vehicle Act, 1988’ by the RTO and will be sent to your registered address within 15 days.

*(You will receive your learner’s license which is valid for 6 months. You’ve to reapply with the same process to receive a permanent DL.)

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Driving License is one of the major documents and it must be required to have a DL for a person who drives motor-vehicles. It is also a major Indian official document which is required in many major tasks. We hope that our article has provided you the information that you were looking for. To know more about interesting facts and articles keep reading our articles and keep following us.

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