Top 5 Best Inverter Battery Brands for Home in 2022

Inverter batteries are designed to provide a small amount of current consistently for a longer period of time. Inverter batteries are not discharged over a much longer time. The performance and life of an inverter depend on its battery. As such a battery is a critical and main component of an Inverter battery.

Based on Brand Popularity, Latest Technology, Locally Product Availability, we have prepared top 5 inverter battery brands, you can choose in this summer season. 

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#1. CAML Battery by LOOM SOLAR

caml battery

Loom Solar is a start-up company. It is a manufacturer of super high-efficiency solar panels and lithium batteries based out of Faridabad, Haryana. Loom Solar has entered the Inverter battery market starting with lithium batteries. The company is focusing on Inverter batteries in the range 70 Wh - 2000 Wh. Lithium Battery is the best battery for inverters. Its charge needs continuous current.

Price: The cost of latest technology inverter battery of Loom Solar is - Single Inverter Battery: Rs. 32,000 & Double Inverter Battery: Rs. 65,000 including all costs. 

#2. Luminous Inverter Battery

luminous inverter battery

Luminous is the market leader for providing Inverter battery for home, serving more than 11 million families. Luminous inverter batteries are designed for long and frequent power cuts. The company provides a wide range of Tubular Inverter batteries in the sine wave and square wave technology. They are available from 900 VA to above 4000 VA ratings and 150Ah-180Ah capacities. Batteries are available in flat plate, gel, and tubular battery technology.

Price: The cost of Luminous inverter battery is Single Inverter Battery: Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 & Double Inverter Battery: Rs. 35,000 to 40,000 including all costs. 

#3. Exide Inverter Battery

exide inverter battery

Exide is one of India’s leading inverter batter companies. Exide inverter batteries have been powering the nation, every day for over seven decades. The company has a presence in the residential, commercial as well as industrial segments. It is the No.1 inverter battery brand of India. Exide’s products are known for long life and higher power output and backups, minimal plate failures, and the ability to withstand long and frequent power outages. Exide products require lesser topping-up frequency, have better thermal management, and the ability to recover from deep discharge. The company offers a wide range of products in tubular as well as flat plate inverter batteries. Exide has a pan India service network and operates through 170 service centers, 1250 service empowered dealers, and 7500 after-sales and service dealers.

Price: You should visit local market to know Exide inverter battery (Single Inverter Battery & Double Inverter Battery) price.

#4. Microtek Inverter Battery

microtek inverter battery

Microtek is a leading power backup company in India offering products like Solar solutions, Voltage Solutions, Wires & Cables, Circuit Protection Devices (MCB, DBs), E-Vehicle Chargers, Surge and Lightning Protectors, and Healthcare range of products. The company’s products are known for premium quality and are trusted by more than 120 million users.  


Price: You should visit local market to know Microtek inverter battery (Single Inverter Battery & Double Inverter Battery) price.

#5. Livguard Inverter Battery

livgaurd inverter battery

Livguard is another power backup company in India having a history of three decades. It has established itself as a strong player in the energy solution space in India with offerings in automotive batteries, inverters and inverter batteries, stabilizers, and residential solar solutions. Liv Guard’s inverter battery comes in the Invertuff brand. These products are characterized by a 3D design with a double side pasting that ensures longer battery life, advanced premium design and robust high-quality durable material. Liv Guard inverters are ideal for areas with long power cuts. 


Price: You should visit local market to know Livguard inverter battery (Single Inverter Battery & Double Inverter Battery) price.


planning to install solar panel for home and business


Most parts of India still suffer from power cuts and voltage fluctuations. Hence there is a huge demand for power-related products like inverters and batteries to address this problem. In order to have an uninterrupted power supply for one’s numerous appliances and electronic gadgets, we need a reliable battery and Inverter to provide the required power. Hence, the importance of choosing the right inverter battery for your homes.





Ramesh chittumuri

Ramesh chittumuri


Ramesh chittumuri

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