Luminous Solar Battery

Luminous Solar 100 Ah Tubular Battery - Loom Solar Save 8%

Luminous Solar 100 Ah Tubular Battery

5 Years Warranty

Rs. 14,700
Rs. 13,500

Product Summary Luminous Solar 100 Ah Tubular battery is a C10 rating deep cycle battery designed for connecting with inverters of capacity between...

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Rs. 14,700
Rs. 13,500
Save 8%
Luminous Solar 120 Ah Tubular Battery - Loom Solar Save 9%

Luminous Solar 120 Ah Tubular Battery

5 Years Warranty

Rs. 16,400
Rs. 15,000

Product Summary Luminous Solar 120 Ah Tubular battery is a C10 rating deep cycle battery designed for connecting with inverters of capacity between...

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Rs. 16,400
Rs. 15,000
Save 9%
Luminous Solar 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery - 5 years - Loom Solar Save 10%

Luminous Solar 150 Ah Tall Tubular Battery - 5 Years

5 Years Warranty

Rs. 20,500
Rs. 18,500

Product summary Luminous 150 Ah solar battery is the highest selling battery model in India. It can be connected with any inverter and provides upt...

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Rs. 20,500
Rs. 18,500
Save 10%


Luminous is India’s 2nd largest battery manufacturer after Exide with an annual turnover of ₹3,000 Crs. Luminous is a 30 years old company which manufactures Inverters, battery, solar inverters, solar batteries and solar panels. Since 2010 Luminous is making solar products for India market.

Luminous solar battery

Batteries are needed to store the energy generated to be used later when required. Battery costs have fallen by 80% in the last seven years and expected to fall by another 40-50% in the next five years. But it is still considered expensive in the price-sensitive Indian market. There is a lack of large-scale demand for lithium batteries in India and hence prices have not come down as rapidly as that of solar panels. Storage seems to be the only solution for the growing transmission and distribution problems in India. Some of the popularly used solar batteries in India are Exide, Luminous, Su-Kam and Okaya. The cost of solar storage ranges between INR 6 –INR 10 per kW. In Luminous, solar batteries are designed at C10 capacity and the model starts from 20 Ah – 200 Ah, with 3 years and 5 years replacement warranty. 

Luminous solar battery price

Luminous batteries are priced in the range of ₹ 4,200 to ₹ 20,500, here is the latest price list of luminous solar battery in India. 

solar battery model

Ah Rating

selling price

LPTT 1220 H

20 Ah

₹ 4,200

LPTT 12100 H

100 Ah

₹ 11,000

LPTT 12120 H

120 Ah

₹ 13,500

LPTT 12150 H

150 Ah

₹ 18,000

How to claim warranty

Solar batteries comes under 5 years replacement warranty, so if your batteries are not giving good power backup and if it is less than 60 minutes, you can claim new battery from the manufacturer.

Service helpline

Service is most important aspect of any online purchase. Luminous gives onsite service for its product that it sells in Indian Market. If your battery is not giving good power backup after installation or during the warranty period, it requires replacement, call Luminous customer care number 1800 103 3039 or write them at   

Frequently asked questions 

Q. How much solar plate required for battery charging

The rule is,

Recommended sales panel size = 2 * Battery Capacity (Ah)


The battery has to be charged during the day when sunlight is available, i.e from morning 9 am to evening 5 pm.

Battery charging current = Battery Ah (Capacity) / Sunlight hours

Considering, the battery Ah is 150 AH,

Battery charging current = 150 Ah / 10 H = 15 amps.

2 nos. of 150 watt Luminous PV module should be installed at the rooftop for generating 15 amps charging current. 1 no. of 150-watt solar module generates nearly 8 amps at peak. Hence, two-module of 300 watt will give 15 amps current to charge the battery.


Q. what is the backup time of battery?

Answer: The backup time of the battery is derived by Battery Capacity and Battery voltage.

So, if you buy 150 Ah (ampere-hour) battery – it is a 12 V battery,


Voltage (v) * Current (I) = Power (watts)

12 V * 150 Ah = 1800 watts, considering 20% is loss during charging and discharging

Useable power = 1800 watts – 20% loss = 1440 watt 


100 Watt

200 Watt

300 watt

400 watt

500 watt

150 Ah

14.4 hours 

7.2 hours 

4.8 hours 

3.6 hours 

 2.8 hours


Standard formula:

Backup time = Battery AH * 12 V * efficiency of battery / Power consumption in watts


Battery Ah = Ampere hour (capacity of the battery measured in AH)

The efficiency of battery = generally it is 80%


I have 60 Ampere hour (Ah) battery, my load is 150 watt, what will be the backup time?

Backup time: (60Ah * 12V * 0.8 efficiency) / 150 watt = 3.84 hours


Q. What to do when the battery stops giving backup?

Answer: The solar batteries are sold with a replacement warranty of 3-5 years, so if your battery stops giving backup during the warranty period, it requires replacement. Talk to battery manufacturer and request them to replace it.

The rule is, 

your battery must give less than 60 minutes of backup during the warranty period.

In case, the warranty period has expired, you can sell your old batteries to authorized re-seller or the company. The old battery could also be sold to a new luminous dealer from where you are buying new batteries.

The buyback price of old batteries depends upon recyclable lead content inside is and the weight of the old battery. It is measured in Kg after removing the electrolyte,

As on May 2017, the lead price per kg is ₹ 90


20 Ah

40 Ah

75 Ah

100 Ah

120 Ah

150 Ah

200 Ah

Dry Weight

9 kg

15 kg

17 kg

27 kg

29 kg

31 kg

42 kg

Exchange price

₹ 810

₹ 1350

₹ 1530

₹ 2430

₹ 2610

₹ 2790

₹ 3780


Standard formula:

Battery buy back price = Dry weight of the battery * Lead price per kg


I have 100 Ampere hour (Ah) battery, how much exchange value will be given by the dealer?

Buyback price: 100Ah (battery capacity)* 27 kg (dry weight) * ₹ 90 (lead price per kg) = ₹ 2430


Q. How to increase battery life – Maintenance tips

answer: to increase the life span of the battery, follow the manufacturer guidelines. Important battery maintenance tips are as follows: 

  • Do water top-up once in every three months
  • Clean battery terminals regularly using warm water
  • Keep the battery in an open area. Do not keep in a closed room


Q. How to select the right battery for home - watch the video tutorials

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