3KW Solar Panel Installation in Thalikulam, Thrissur (Kerala)

Thalikulam is a city in Thrissur district of Kerala where KSEB grid available 24*7 hours. There is few power cuts during the monsoon seasons. The distance of this Thalikulam is 25 km. from Thrissur city and it is situated on Thalikulam beach.


Home Owner, Prasanth has installed 3KW Off Grid Solar System 3 months ago and he is bank employee. He is very happy customers who has installed this system. Ashif is his friend who has helped to install this system. When we meet with Ashif, he has explained all situations here from planning to working.


How to Plan to Buy This System?

Ashif is a technical person who helps to decide this system. Ashif and Prasanth sit together for calculating home loads. They found that maximum load is up to 2000Watt and minimum load is 400Watt.


First Step: Inverter Selection


As per expert recommendations, inverter capacity must be double size of maximum load after power cut. That means, inverter capacity should be near about 4000Watt. [Inverter Selection Guide]. He has selected Home UPS 4 KVA Cruze+ with 48V of 150Ah Battery. 


Second Step: Solar Panel System Selection


Along with above inverter battery, he selects Loom Solar 375W * 8 Mono PERC Panels with 50Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller. [Solar Panel with Charge Controller Selection].

Need of Solar Power System in Thalikulam, Thrissur (Kerala)

Home Appliances

Maximum Wattages

No. of Appliances

1.5HP Water Pump



Induction Machine



Washing Machine
















Here are few Thalikulam customers feedback:




Maximum Connected Load:  2000Watt


Capacity of Battery: 4 X 150AH Solar C10 Battery


Maximum Capacity of MPPT: 48V ,50A, 3000W


Maximum Solar Panel Capacity: 3000W (Loom Solar 8 X 375W Mono Perc Panels)


Capacity of connected Panels: 3000W (Loom Solar 8 X 375W Mono Perc Panels)


Grid Power: Grid Connectivity is not required to run the system, but there is a facility to charge from Grid line, which can be selected manually.


Air Conditioner: We Couldn’t connect Air conditioner to this system


What is the Equipment can work in this system: Lights, Fans, TV, Mixer grinder, Fridge, Washing Machine. 0.5HP Water Pump


Maximum space required to install the Solar Panels: 300 SQ. FT.


Total Expense for the Whole System Including Installation: Rs. 3,00,000.000 (For Flat roof)


Solar Panels - 25 Years (10+15)


Heavy Load Inverter - 2 Years


Solar Battery - 5 Years


Charge Controller – 1 Year


Here are the main benefits of installing solar system: 


Benefits 1: Saving Electricity Bill


Before Solar Panel Installation: Rs.1809.00

After Solar Panel Installation: Rs. 46.00

solar system benefits


Benefits 2: Reduce Dependency of KSEB Grid

reducing electricity bill


If you are from India, but working in International Countries as like Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or any countries. You can find solar products and solution from our website: Loom Solar.com & Our Authorized Partner: Unique National Engineering in Thrishur district of Kerala.

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Dileepan PG

Dileepan PG

I would like to install a solar system for my home.

My present KSEB Bill is above 5000/- rupees

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